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  OpenDev Sysadmins 4062deba64 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Jenkins f4dd2e933e Merge "Fix typos in coreos-image-builder" 4 years ago
  Mitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU 6b967afcf8 Fix typos in coreos-image-builder 4 years ago
  Mitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU 72d81bd46c Add .gitreview file 4 years ago
  Jay Faulkner e92e41b937 Prevent CoreOS from using configdrive in ramdisk 4 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen e8fab2b997 Use requirements.txt from the root for image build 4 years ago
  Vladyslav Drok a912ef16f3 Cleanup coreos-oem-inject.py 4 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen f36e3200dd Fix requests version for build scripts 4 years ago
  Jenkins 5ddb118276 Merge "Add support to build iso image" 4 years ago
  Ramakrishnan G 6ff2830247 Preserve environment variables when doing sudo 4 years ago
  Ramakrishnan G 029e94e1c7 Add support to build iso image 4 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 75248efb48 Add missing "/files" to IPA image URLs 4 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 81a73a468b Fix minor documentation issues 4 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 632fa39738 Fix incorrect documentation 4 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 8c6ed7d0eb Clean up image build script 4 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen abccecce5b Bump CoreOS to latest stable 4 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 62027ae0bb Migrate CoreOS to use coreos-cloudinit 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 0eec6c3b22 Install requirements for coreos-oem-inject.py 5 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 3edd258910 Run make with sudo when building 5 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen cecc0fecd4 Add current directory logging to build script 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner ff78a85e23 Add infra build script to IPA 5 years ago
  Mike Heald 2690a09455 Converted documentation in md format to rst 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 5ee5b3e75b No longer recommend use of ipa-advertise-url 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner d132a50afc Improve readme for CoreOS imagebuild 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 432c65dcbe Use systemd-nspawn instead of docker for image 5 years ago
  Jenkins 8012500e87 Merge "Uniquely identify builds to prevent race" 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner e637152eef Uniquely identify builds to prevent race 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner d51a6ac06c Better documentation and defaults for coreos image 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 5516cd5baf Use docker import/export to make image smaller 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 8edf98a199 Minor fixes to image build 5 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen e4f2a04660 Remove advertise-host from service file 5 years ago
  Josh Gachnang 6199c7eb2e Doing replacement on imagebuild 5 years ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 879e85b506 add horrible method of getting the host IP 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 0d0429b359 fix(coreos-oem-inject): Default to dev-channel 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner 3b68e8d423 remove api-url from unit file 5 years ago
  Jay Faulkner c5d2b5282f img(coreos): Initial commit of CoreOS image build 5 years ago