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  OpenDev Sysadmins d6bf5aa3c7 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Andreas Jaeger 775e8cad58 Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraints 2 years ago
  Jenkins 607f146af5 Merge "Fix oslo.delimiter references" 2 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 7a9798d91c Fix oslo.delimiter references 2 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 047acde202 Add Resource and Usage objects 3 years ago
  Jenkins 656fa5f13c Merge "Move over pull request from github #8 to here" 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow b729161d85 Move over pull request from github #8 to here 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 59a4d8267d Fix space after parenthesis 3 years ago
  Jenkins aeddf075e1 Merge "No longer need travis integration" 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 26d6c24320 No longer need travis integration 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 65dd867379 Fix the .gitreview file 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 06f6f1a47f Fix .testr.conf 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram a93fa94664 Merge pull request #7 from vilobhmm/add-travis 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 62b89b853b Add Travis 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram f7003ae96c Merge pull request #6 from harlowja/process-framework 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 1d3caf69df Add comment to processors class variable 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 02f452aa47 Just update the stored in-place 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 3a39ad8b1d Don't raise value error 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 7376d89e71 Static methods and a nice view object and better message 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow f1fcf62268 Fix consuming a single amount 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 4197b10c11 Raise a UnsupportedKind for unknown kinds 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 3c5bec6328 Raise an overlimit exception when overlimit/bound 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 4a02032618 Add a simple processing framework 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 34bd35285f Merge pull request #5 from harlowja/tests 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 6c11b02d89 Merge pull request #4 from harlowja/singular 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow d094323e6f Restructure some of the test files 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 7cc2423808 Instead of batch create/update just do singular for now 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram f1ca8c7c30 Merge pull request #3 from harlowja/fix-zk 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 5b6f77fa56 Fix url -> uri 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 35f52c5c5e Merge pull request #2 from harlowja/add-drivers 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow b83edf3275 A read only uri property should be fine 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow e729d6b6b1 Fix default kind 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow ad652ca149 Add base driver structure (and a zookeeper driver) 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram fb6a482034 Merge pull request #1 from harlowja/fix-files 3 years ago
  Joshua Harlow 6e79f574bb Fix a bunch of files that are not needed/incorrect 3 years ago
  Vilobh Meshram 30ba5084e2 Initial Commit for Delimiter 3 years ago