15 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  YAMADA Hideki 4b7c593d7a Disable cinder backup 2 years ago
  Rikimaru Honjo ba843990c9 Fix plugin for systemd 2 years ago
  Teruaki Ishizaki 448091b9e3 Disable swap-volume in tempest when sheepdog is used 2 years ago
  YAMADA Hideki 1352eb2e89 enable unsupported driver in cinder.conf 2 years ago
  Teruaki Ishizaki 2c020be470 Changed to do CI on Xenial platform. 2 years ago
  YAMADA Hideki 2b9b19265f Add support for Glance backend 3 years ago
  Teruaki Ishizaki 7f031d4019 Set ATTACH_ENCRYPTED_VOLUME_AVAILABLE=False 3 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka f91a9971ab Add nosync option to sheep command line 4 years ago
  YAMADA Hideki 5a143522c1 Avoid failure of time-consuming tempest tests 4 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka fe3e19e17f Use DevStack process functions 4 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka ae63085841 Use common DevStack data directory 4 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka dc2d839c9d Add support for cinder backend 4 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka 19915eb015 Increase loopback disk size 4 years ago
  MORITA Kazutaka 3b942648cf Add support for Sheepdog cluster setup 4 years ago