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  OpenDev Sysadmins f015ffa73f OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Davanum Srinivas f2bf1a7d8d Get depend-update to work reliably 2 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 38fe101d63 Update to gophercloud/gophercloud 2 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 636cbc9909 Ensure $DEST directory is created and CI Jobs pass 2 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 36164b0ccf Initial cut of standalone docker-machine driver for openstack 2 years ago
  John Mulhausen 464e29cddc Remove old documentation source, add README on migration 2 years ago
  Victoria Bialas 4b671ea1cb WIP: docs update for d4mac, d4win, Hyper-V driver and other virtualization factors, swarm mode 2 years ago
  Mathias Nyman bdd3b24cdc Add support for OS_CACERT in Openstack driver 3 years ago
  Wade Tandy c17f42fab5 Expose OpenStack driver's userdata param 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire 1ffea5ceed Revert "Rackspace/Openstack - Add/enhance --*-net-* create switches." 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire feadca3ddf Merge pull request #2974 from robertjustjones/rackspace-net-switches 3 years ago
  Robert Jones c29d944831 Rackspace/Openstack - Add/enhance --*-net-* create switches. 3 years ago
  David Gageot aaa4510ed9 FIX #3056 ls timeout when instance is stopped 3 years ago
  David Gageot 1405c0e12e FIX #2705 Add a command line sample for each driver 3 years ago
  Ash Wilson e6a591d61f Only derive tenant ID if tenant name is supplied. 3 years ago
  David Gageot db63c28917 Merge pull request #2732 from dgageot/better-logs 3 years ago
  David Gageot 685995ea0d Remove some duplication related to swarm 3 years ago
  David Gageot 9884a5e2ef Logs for Kill 3 years ago
  David Gageot 80518f988a Logs for Restart 3 years ago
  David Gageot 8258a77086 Logs for Start 3 years ago
  David Gageot 91e0fdf7db Logs for Stop 3 years ago
  Fabrizio Soppelsa 7400e6f965 Add --openstack-key-pair and --openstack-private-file-name so to 3 years ago
  Matt Vinall 2f482ac085 Filter openstack floating IPs by tenant ID 3 years ago
  David Gageot a3eb02897c Merge pull request #2489 from jeanlaurent/logrus 3 years ago
  Fabrizio Soppelsa 44eb7aa74a Order options in openstack.md, to make docs more readable 3 years ago
  Jean-Laurent de Morlhon bae895ef81 Remove withFields 3 years ago
  Fabrizio b9590a0248 Sanitize keynames by replacing dots with underscores 3 years ago
  David Gageot 92fdcf2a41 Lint all Markdown documents 3 years ago
  Vladimir Varankin 04b3fd1146 fix drivers GetUrl to build propper IPv6 addr 3 years ago
  Olivier Gambier b153a9c218 Another pass at linting 3 years ago
  Amir Mohammad Saied ace17ece2f Use rackspace's specialized client 3 years ago
  Olivier Gambier b50d6187d5 Lint 3 years ago
  David Gageot f47ab21dd0 FIX #2171 Fix faulty flag and add tests for SetConfigFromFlags 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire 15d213dcd7 Merge pull request #850 from dudymas/feat/openstack-nova-ip-pools 3 years ago
  Flavio Castelli 497cd0ced0 Fix panic when using openstack driver 3 years ago
  David Gageot a50a88b19d Revert "Remove useless duplication on GetSSHHostname" 3 years ago
  Olivier Gambier 1214b16242 Remove useless duplication on GetSSHHostname 3 years ago
  Olivier Gambier 105158350c Remove useless duplication on PreCreateCheck 3 years ago
  Jeremy White 2abe8969aa feat(openstack): add flag for using nova networks 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire 295679e064 Move towards using external binaries / RPC plugins 3 years ago
  Christian Mouttet cdb1557cac add default AddressType: Fixed 3 years ago
  Guillaume Giamarchi a93aabadff Add environment varibles for OpenStack flags 3 years ago
  Hironobu Saitoh 59545198ab Add --openstack-ip-version option 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire 71069cfc1d Make libmachine usable by outside world 3 years ago
  David Zerulla dec4514e15 openstack: New machine active timeout parameter 3 years ago
  Nathan LeClaire f589ab90e1 - Re-introduce config migration; fix panics occurring from older configs 3 years ago
  Mary Anthony 6c928fd405 First stage of splitting out 3 years ago
  Dave Henderson 6511219f6d Refactoring drivers to embed drivers.DefaultDriver 4 years ago
  LingFaKe e10e42cbb7 Add option parameter availability_zone 4 years ago
  Guillaume Giamarchi 641d5bde24 Stop polling the instance when status is ERROR 4 years ago