362 Commits (master)

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  ArkadyKanevsky 5b246d4c7c Add Ussuri release and update all Dell EMC entries. 4 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 7d8920e1c1 Remove fuel entries 9 months ago
  ArkadyKanevsky ece7563a10 Update maintainer for XIO drivers 9 months ago
  ArkadyKanevsky 1e429e3978 Add Train release and update Dell drivers to Train support. 11 months ago
  zhurong 241a5827a2 Add ZTE ZENIC SDN Controller to Networking driver 1 year ago
  Huang Cheng 8a0f041637 Update supported OpenStack versions of H3C Neutron driver. 1 year ago
  Richard Pioso 9193787a53 Add openstack/ironic ipmi and redfish drivers redux 1 year ago
  ArkadyKanevsky 0e8255c26e Rebrand VMAX to PowerMax 1 year ago
  Richard Pioso c44b2b2098 Add openstack/ironic ipmi and redfish drivers 1 year ago
  ArkadyKanevsky ddb646291c Update to Stein release for all Dell EMC drivers 1 year ago
  Vivek Soni a8f90ea6d6 3PAR: updated for rocky release 2 years ago
  ArkadyKanevsky b48cf1af11 Add Rocky info for Dell drivers. 2 years ago
  Vivek Soni 20c3487884 HPE: Update Storage Drivers docs for Queens release 2 years ago
  Eric Young 0fcdb582c6 Update ScaleIO Diver information. 2 years ago
  dongfeng 048757f4f8 Update the OpenStack releases that Huawei AC Supports 2 years ago
  ArkadyKanevsky 674321b475 Fixed document pointers for Dell EMC driver entries for Queens 2 years ago
  ArkadyKanevsky fc0d360847 Update all Dell EMC drivers for Queens release. 2 years ago
  Ilya Shakhat f70eee0fee Update active releases 2 years ago
  Mark T. Voelker 848f5f38ae Add Queens, Update VMware Driver Info 2 years ago
  Matt Riedemann 7d42e2a2e5 Update some nova driver contacts 2 years ago
  Hayley Swimelar d5d0e6df41 Update LinBit's driver info. 2 years ago
  Goutham Pacha Ravi 4958170eb8 Update NetApp Unified driver information 2 years ago
  esberglu 47a3d168fa Add PowerVM Compute Driver 3 years ago
  rajinir f3890a8004 Update Dell EMC drivers info 3 years ago
  sumit7990 0fdc1da4b2 Update HPE 3PAR and Lefthand/StoreVirtual Storage Drivers' docs for Pike release 3 years ago
  ArkadyKanevsky 9e0a4879f6 Update Dell EMC drivers info 3 years ago
  Andrei Bacos 01613cc7b6 Update Cloudbase CI 3 years ago
  Octavian Ciuhandu b99251171f Fix typo in Cloudbase ci ids 3 years ago
  xing-yang b45e2f07a0 Update Dell EMC drivers info 3 years ago
  Huang Cheng b372fce272 Update details for H3C neutron drivers 3 years ago
  Octavian Ciuhandu 991e243b37 Updated nova, neutron and cinder CI account details for Cloudbase CIs. 3 years ago
  rajinir b622b4caec Email address updated 3 years ago
  zengyingzhe 12feaf5f9a Add dorado support description for cinder huawei driver 3 years ago
  Huang Cheng d2507026ad Add entry for H3C VCF Controller Neutron Plugin 3 years ago
  Gaurang Tapase 6f015aa659 Update details for GPFS drivers 3 years ago
  Sean McGinnis 8d6c994f00 Change maintainer info for Dell EMC SC drivers 3 years ago
  Silvan Kaiser e193ee4b57 Updates Quobyte drivers 3 years ago
  William Durairaj 176319d0b7 Update HPE 3PAR Storage Driver docs for Ocata 3 years ago
  xing-yang e4c507a1ad Update Ocata info for Dell EMC drivers 3 years ago
  savihou f9f6bd561a Zadara Storage, update driver details 3 years ago
  Shivanand Tendulker 3c497a3371 Updated supported releases for HPE Ironic drivers 3 years ago
  rajinir a082513443 Rebranding of Dell EMC related entries 3 years ago
  Graham Hayes 60dc8cdb39 Add Designate Backend Drivers to list 3 years ago
  Octavian Ciuhandu 60a14b665e Update Microsoft CI Accounts for Nova, Neutron and Cinder 3 years ago
  rajinir 96dc5081ae Updated Dell driver related entries 3 years ago
  Yusuke Hayashi dd60c26d58 Change fujitsu ETERNUS driver's maintainer 3 years ago
  Bob Ball de6eb0ecb9 Add Mitaka to XenServer Fuel Plugin entry 3 years ago
  Mark Sturdevant 46a0d5b2a7 Update maintainer for HP manila 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 9c0e147b8d Add CI information for Pure Storage Fuel 3 years ago
  Pradip Rawat c22e7d2385 Update vendor for Kaminario fuel plugin 3 years ago