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  OpenDev Sysadmins 8672472c50 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Venu Murthy 73e812fa62 Venu | Updated OpenStack summit 2015 video 3 years ago
  Venu Murthy f136cbec71 Venu | Spice console 4 years ago
  Venu Murthy 902b359254 Venu | amended readme 4 years ago
  Venu Murthy 063815c5c5 Updating Readme with the demo video 4 years ago
  Venu Murthy b82ec6585d Adding image to update the Readme 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 65b0482af3 Removed placement and added subnet_id to run_instances. Added 4 years ago
  Jenkins 42c6144b4d Merge "Added import for logging with _ library" 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 2182ed419b Added import for logging with _ library 4 years ago
  Venu Murthy 908baf90a7 Kashyap & Venu | removed getutils import as it was unnecessary and leading error 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 46b6c678d8 Fix readme 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 937bd056f8 Fixed indentation of code blocks in readme 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam ec7e104f05 Fix Readme licence section 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam dbdc3200cc add .gitreview file 4 years ago
  new 87d5806d47 Venu | Updated License 4 years ago
  Ed Thome b7be41a8d7 Ed & Cameron | Add accounts.yaml and update readme 4 years ago
  cameron-r d2525823a5 Added tempest.conf 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam bdc45060af Kashyap | Updated readme with instructions to add the cloud burst filter 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam a813df1687 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ThoughtWorksInc/OpenStack-EC2-Driver 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 6e80663904 Venu & kashyap | added the filter used for cloud bursting 4 years ago
  cameron-r b5baec5665 Ed & Cameron | Copy from_port and to_port as strings in EC2RuleTransformer, refactoring transformers 4 years ago
  cameron-r 36649ae1fc Cameron & Ed | Delete more unused rule EC2 rule args in EC2RuleTransformer, fix TestOpenstackRuleTransformer class name 4 years ago
  cameron-r fc3e9907e7 Ed & Cameron | Remove rules from security groups on EC2 in GroupRuleRefresher 4 years ago
  cameron-r 9ef0e8cb01 Cameron & Ed | Remove unused arguments from OpenStack and EC2 rules in rule transformers 4 years ago
  cameron-r 693c165a73 Cameron & Ed | Fix EC2RuleTransformer constructor use, updated security group rule integration test 4 years ago
  cameron-r 9826b0778c Ed & Cameron | Move integration tests to separate directory 4 years ago
  cameron-r a8f09b1ccb Cameron & Ed | Extract looping over groups and refreshing their rules to GroupRuleRefresher 4 years ago
  cameron-r 6d4ec264a5 Ed & Cameron | Move unit tests to separate directory 4 years ago
  cameron-r c34f2fac8f Ed & Cameron | Extract getting transformed rules from openstack and ec2 groups into rule services, extract getting openstack group into group service 4 years ago
  cameron-r e5ae501335 Ed & Cameron | Refactoring: extract rule comparison between openstack and ec2 groups to common group class 4 years ago
  cameron-r 3751616fbf Ed & Cameron | Refactoring: replace rule comparator with transformers and rule class equality method in rule refresher 4 years ago
  cameron-r d126579181 Cameron & Ed | Test EC2 rule transformer 4 years ago
  cameron-r 6f2fc65bf4 Ed & Cameron | Common rule class for comparing openstack and ec2 rules 4 years ago
  cameron-r 85473ced07 Cameron and Ed | Add rule to security group on EC2 when not first rule in group 4 years ago
  new 33ba46398c Venu | added features 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 0f884f437e Kashyap | prettified readme 4 years ago
  new 8032eda577 Venu | Removing keys 4 years ago
  new 05a69458aa Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ThoughtWorksInc/OpenStack-EC2-Driver 4 years ago
  Venu Murthy e2723b37cf Delete ec2driver_config.py 4 years ago
  new e7ab903c94 Kashyap | Venu updated Readme 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam ddb89691bd Kashyap | updated readme instructions to go to the corrent screen session after juno update 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam e060e1464a Venu and Kashyap | moved the aws keys from our config file to nova.conf and importing those values using cfg 4 years ago
  new 448797f034 Venu | added docstrings and refactored 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam 3263636966 Kashyap | missed a closing brace 4 years ago
  Kashyap Kopparam e5a0090d5b Kashyap | resolved merge conflicts 4 years ago
  cameron-r 05b6587e6e Ed & Cameron | Add and remove rules to/from security groups associated with instances 4 years ago
  cameron-r 98843957fc Ed & Cam | Implement RuleComparator for checking equality of OpenStack and EC2 rules 4 years ago
  cameron-r 90ddacba5f Ed & Cam | Clean up security groups in tests 4 years ago
  new 51a1b52023 Venu | get_info added and docstrings 4 years ago
  Ed Thome 66277884df Cam & Ed | Refactor duplication in security group tests into setup method 4 years ago