Sync Sphinx requirement

1. Sync sphinx dependency with global requirements. It caps python 2 since
sphinx 2.0 no longer supports Python 2.7.
2. Update some URLs to latest

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@ -1,15 +1,17 @@
If you would like to contribute to the development of OpenStack, you must
follow the steps in this page:
If you already have a good understanding of how the system works and your
OpenStack accounts are set up, you can skip to the development workflow
section of this documentation to learn how changes to OpenStack should be
submitted for review via the Gerrit tool:
Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.
Bugs should be filed on Launchpad
Bugs should be filed on Storyboard!/project/x/fenix
More project information can be found from

@ -1,4 +1,10 @@
sphinx!=1.6.6,!=1.6.7,>=1.6.2 # BSD
# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
# These are needed for docs generation
sphinx!=1.6.6,!=1.6.7,>=1.6.2,<2.0.0;python_version=='2.7' # BSD
sphinx!=1.6.6,!=1.6.7,>=1.6.2,!=2.1.0;python_version>='3.4' # BSD
openstackdocstheme>=1.18.1 # Apache-2.0
os-api-ref>=1.6.0 # Apache-2.0
sphinxcontrib-seqdiag>=0.8.4 # BSD