OpenStack host maintenance and upgrade in interaction with application on top of it
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Fenix external dependencies


Fenix will normally use cold and live migrations. For these to work, Nova service user should be configured to be able to ssh between compute nodes. You may also want to change some other related configuration parameters.

AODH and Ceilometer configuration

When want to utilize the VNF(M)/EM interaction with Fenix, VNF needs to supbscribe to AODH event alarm for 'maintenance.scheduled' type of notifications.

Any service may also want to know when host is added, retired, in maintenance or back from maintenance. For this those services can subscribe to AODH event alarm for '' type of notification.

For AODH and Ceilometer configuration to take into effect, you may want to restart corresponding services

$ sudo systemctl restart openstack-aodh-listener.service
$ sudo systemctl restart openstack-ceilometer-notification.service

In DevStack you may want to enable Ceilometer and AODH in local.conf