OpenStack host maintenance and upgrade in interaction with application on top of it
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# Fenix DB
[ `mysql -uroot -p$MYSQLPW -e "SELECT host, user FROM mysql.user;" | grep fenix | wc -l` -eq 0 ] && {
mysql -uroot -p$MYSQLPW -hlocalhost -e "CREATE USER 'fenix'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'fenix';"
mysql -uroot -p$MYSQLPW -hlocalhost -e "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON fenix.* TO 'fenix'@'' identified by 'fenix';FLUSH PRIVILEGES;"
mysql -ufenix -pfenix -hlocalhost -e "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS fenix;"
mysql -ufenix -pfenix -hlocalhost -e "CREATE DATABASE fenix CHARACTER SET utf8;"