40 Commits (master)

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  Yuriy Taraday af076ce132 Fix database address reference 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 82b17ce689 Store sensitive configs in secret 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov f686ba5dbc Adjust to per-service configuration 2 years ago
  Mikhail 0ef69b3b70 Add check SSL for backup 2 years ago
  Anastasiya 27dafd6e53 TLS support for Cinder services 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak b493378d84 Allow to use multiple backends 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 1485524f17 Moving tls flag from percona to db group 2 years ago
  Mikhail 7090d9c873 Implement upgrade procedure 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 9aaddee3ba Use keystone_authtoken macros for auth 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 219301b42b Add DB sync action 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill eac07b11fa Add DB SSL support 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill 20d46eacad We have to wait for the service project create 2 years ago
  kbespalov eb2242f95c Messaging multi-backend support 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill e1b934a8e1 Removed unneded probes. Merry Xmas! 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev 170fb77980 Use git.openstack.org url instead of github.com 2 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 67d5ab16d6 Add searchlight notification driver condition 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 9d229ae93c Add volume and volumev3 endpoint in catalog 2 years ago
  Igor Yozhikov a92fff1f0c Fix hardcode in ceph options 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 098e19677c Use "address" func when it's possible 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak ca8575ec18 Add cinder backup service 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 07378b59af Adding minimal dsl version for services 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 9fec6e9b44 Use database service name from config 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 95757b4eb5 Adding scheme for ingress address 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 11f87424cc Use db.root_password parameter for creating database 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 5a6653a5b2 Adding ingress support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov bdde470ba7 Ports configuration refactoring 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko c995ae3e46 Migrate liveness check to new format 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill 088c2658e5 Add Cinder service 2 years ago