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  OpenDev Sysadmins caa487b9ea OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Andrey Pavlov 10dcd1bdb3 Adding global secret configs support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 9812b2a158 Configs overrides for custom services 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 012ac702c7 Adding service-per-service support 2 years ago
  Jenkins 615a4caa45 Merge "Update global requirements" 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 499b7405c3 Update global requirements 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko 254a89bbb3 Use CPU_LIMIT and MEMORY_LIMIT when rendering 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev acf179e42a Adopt address for complex name services 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov aec83733cc Don't ask, just merge 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 23ce98f10c Adding scheme support 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev 8ce8d3a31f Add base support for SSL for Openstack services 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev 8525704d15 Get rid global TLS option from start_script 2 years ago
  Jenkins f5192e3f71 Merge "Handle nodes configs and merge them with globals" 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko d82aebcd82 Add support for TLS-enabled etcd 2 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 0feaf3e1c2 Handle nodes configs and merge them with globals 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko fbbb667354 Revert "Perform files creation after all dependencies resolved" 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 55d77ced5d Perform files creation after all dependencies resolved 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 7ae3fd54c2 Remove namespace from ingress domain 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill ff6efca2c8 We need to use local etcd for the etcd_ha side_cont 2 years ago
  Jenkins de2dcf9ecb Merge "Add jinja exceptions support" 2 years ago
  kbespalov aa269c7fb0 Add jinja exceptions support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 161346a169 Adding pod_name jinja variable 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 5893d2fb44 Do not load meta if meta info is not provided 2 years ago
  Jenkins 1eb1f7e013 Merge "Fix readiness check dependency check" 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev b02157c83e Add gethosbyname filter to get service IPv4 address 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 9592a3f212 Fix readiness check dependency check 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6be82b25fc Merge "Allow jinja imports lookup from several directories" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 739620ed84 Merge "Adding cluster_domain config option" 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov a06205dcb0 Adding cluster_domain config option 2 years ago
  Kirill Bespalov 3dff00bd43 Allow jinja imports lookup from several directories 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 4a2927939d Add support for httpGet readiness probes 2 years ago
  Jenkins 473d178443 Merge "Enable updates for Ingress resources" 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 7a429c7332 Enable updates for Ingress resources 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 394bb3ebe7 Pass OS_* env variables for murano and neutron commands 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday c674692759 Add support for killing deployment pods 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 2b15322c5f Add support for rolling upgrade action 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 4f96245635 Few changes to 'address' function for ingress 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov b5a0ec86b7 Use internal URLs for openstackclient commands 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 54303d3268 Adding Ingress support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 02f23b6d73 Ports configuration refactoring 2 years ago
  Jenkins 53b34cccd9 Merge "Adding local dependencies support" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0589b0b553 Merge "Add constraints support, sync with global-requirements" 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov bb02e90bc7 Adding local dependencies support 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday eb9421d545 Add constraints support, sync with global-requirements 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov ec7007f69c Removing CCP_* env vars 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 8619ec9bcf Convert all etcd-specific configs to nested 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3ef35acd3e Merge "Adding "node_name" config variable" 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 3cca90ec33 Convert all Keystone-specific configs to nested 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 337a8fe326 Remove unused/add missed vars 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov cbe8887727 Adding "node_name" config variable 2 years ago