Fuel CCP - Installer sub-project
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Fuel CCP Installer release process

In order to tag a release of MCP Installer, the following items must be set: * Pinned Fuel-devops version * Pinned Kargo commit * Pinned Docker version * Pinned Calico version * Pinned Kubernetes hyperkube image * Pinned etcd version * Pinned Ansible version

List of items to check off before tagging release: * CI passes (pep8, pytest, docs, and functional test) * HA destructive test: * disable first master, restart kubelet on all nodes, check kubectl get nodes, restart first master, check kubectl get nodes * QA signoff * fuel-devops version * test coverage is green * CCP team signoff * Fuel-ccp deployment succeeds and contains no blocker bugs

Estimated timeline: 3 days to propose release and obtain signoff.

Technical Details

Master branch of fuel-ccp-installer will principally point to “master” commit of Kargo, except during release time.

Release manager will create a commit to fuel-ccp-installer, pinning KARGO_COMMIT to either a tagged release of Kargo or a specific commit.

After all signoffs are obtained, the commit will be merged.

Release manager will create a tag in Gerrit for the new release.

Release manager creates another commit to un-pin KARGO_COMMIT back to “master” gitref.