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  OpenDev Sysadmins c911fc4f60 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Jenkins 41d64308ba Merge "Add support for DPDK" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3328194371 Merge "Add SR-IOV support" 2 years ago
  Ilya Chukhnakov 6f28ec2946 Add support for DPDK 2 years ago
  Jenkins ee7986606f Merge "Store sensitive configs in secret" 2 years ago
  Elena Ezhova 67230431c6 Add SR-IOV support 2 years ago
  Jenkins ce1cc38e6f Merge "Don't use --upgrade when installing into venv" 2 years ago
  Jenkins b37c31dded Merge "Add DVR support" 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday a135808360 Don't use --upgrade when installing into venv 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 7fcea1bee5 Store sensitive configs in secret 2 years ago
  Jenkins 073415fad8 Merge "Adjust to per-service configuration" 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev 082102ab71 Add DVR support 2 years ago
  Artur Zarzycki 60f43c2ea9 TLS support for neutron 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 53e98a28f2 Adjust to per-service configuration 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6c2857d671 Merge "Make debug option name consistent for Neutron" 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev 6691266a40 Make debug option name consistent for Neutron 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 209dd8728f Moving tls flag from percona to db group 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9d50ce7330 Merge "Add DB sync action" 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov c74c326090 Fix typo 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8ac8f8feaa Merge "Use keystone_authtoken macros for auth" 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 95f657b584 Add DB sync action 2 years ago
  Jenkins e2465c452a Merge "Add DB SSL support" 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 4e835f84fa Use keystone_authtoken macros for auth 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0e6d172b90 Merge "Enable isolated metadata network" 2 years ago
  Elena Ezhova 257534c9d0 [OVS] Move references to node-related configs to a file 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9a738c9de8 Merge "Add OpenDaylight Neutron plugin support" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2a4794c933 Merge "Local dependencies should not be addressed" 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill 11e00a8c2c Add DB SSL support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 069809cca3 Local dependencies should not be addressed 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev 2cbb8a9bdf Add OpenDaylight Neutron plugin support 2 years ago
  Jenkins f4f30a276f Merge "Add option to create HA routers by default" 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 19fe2ce976 Enable isolated metadata network 2 years ago
  Sergey Reshetnyak 172f369479 Make external networl not shared 2 years ago
  Ann Kamyshnikova a124cdffdb Add option to create HA routers by default 2 years ago
  Jenkins e7013bc998 Merge "Add config options for database section" 2 years ago
  Jenkins a03835c453 Merge "Messaging multi-backend support" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 95bd277621 Merge "Add ability to deploy certain OVS version" 2 years ago
  Elena Ezhova 2d8e6b0b13 Allow configuring VxLAN VNI IDs 2 years ago
  Elena Ezhova e6f78fe6aa Support various tenant network types 2 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 3f0d6ecede Add config options for database section 2 years ago
  Bartosz Kupidura ee23083cab Add annotations for prometheus 2 years ago
  Jenkins 03ab7c4cf4 Merge "Replace openstack cli with neutron one" 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev 036fe9b7fb Add ability to deploy certain OVS version 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill dacb9ff9a3 Replace openstack cli with neutron one 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill dc61d57208 Fix typo 2 years ago
  Kirill Bespalov e6f839e41a Messaging multi-backend support 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill e29ee11b65 Create initial network depending on plugin agent type 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev 2116784de0 Neutron: do apt-get update before installing packages 2 years ago
  Alexander Ignatov 4a3eb57007 Enable multiple Neutron DHCP agents 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill f8cc7ae395 Removed unneded probes. Merry Xmas! 2 years ago