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  OpenDev Sysadmins 9ce70409ad OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Jenkins 8a564b5e5c Merge "Use constraints when install virtualenv" 2 years ago
  Jenkins cde3ec98c8 Merge "Remove unused option" 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill b1096bf572 We need to update evenlet lib to fix the SSL issues 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev 3b7116035d Remove unused option 2 years ago
  Sergey Kraynev a3ead78134 Add separate TLS option for all OS services 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 95163d77dd Use constraints when install virtualenv 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko dba9d5a5e9 Add ability to use custom index server for pip 2 years ago
  Kirill Bespalov c482e42108 Add pyzmq and redis to base requirements 2 years ago
  Sergey Lukjanov f9616d665d Add LICENSE file 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill ec7eae5fed Use copy_source for requirements repo fetching 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday 1f3b9ed7ef Convert parent image specification to image_spec calls 2 years ago
  Yuriy Taraday c80b8e3b47 Add constraints to microservices venv 2 years ago
  Artur Zarzycki e3fee64d44 Add venv with posargs 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill b6ef299b68 Remove unneeded ENV, we already have it in base image 2 years ago
  Aleksandr Mogylchenko 3e924d2597 Replace mariadb headers with stock mysql one's 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill 8f02b10925 Fix openstack-base layering 2 years ago
  Artur Zarzycki 52ff33a7b5 Fix to pass linters tests 2 years ago
  Proskurin Kirill 90cdbb4410 Initial openstack-base image. For now, sourse based. 3 years ago
  Fuel Infra Jeepyb cf5603f452 Added .gitreview 3 years ago