Fuel CCP - Tests sub-project
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Welcome to fuell-ccp-tests documentation!


` fuel_ccp_tests ├── fixtures ├── helpers ├── logs ├── managers │ └── k8s ├── templates │ ├── k8s_templates │ ├── misc │ └── registry_templates └── tests ├── component │ ├── ccp │ ├── ceph │ ├── k8s │ ├── stacklight │ ├── ui │ └── underlay ├── non-functional ├── system │ ├── pre_commit └── unit`


The directory contains py.test fixtures


Contains set of helper methods: checkers, command executors in the container...


Contains: envmanager - virtual machine layer, snapshot, revert; underlay_ssh_manager - exists for giving possibility manage the environment, existed or created by tests; k8smanager - k8s cluster management.


Contains .yaml templates with environment configuration(virtual machines, networks, registry)

Tests Overview

The fuel-ccp-test are performed to verify that the completed software (ccp) functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements.

The tests depended on purpose are divided on several categories.


Consists from several subgroups. The ccp subgroup includes:

  • tests_ccp_cli_messages - checks the output messages depending on the ccp cli command
  • test_ccp_errexit_codes - checks exit codes when commands are failed
  • test_ccp_logging - checking logging on different actions
  • test_dry_run - checking cluster deployment from yaml objects
  • test_reconfig - checking redeployment of one openstack component, and state of the cluster after


Consists from 2 categories precommit and system. The purpose of the system tests is to maintain the quality of calico, ccp installation, ccp deployment with one/several os, k8s scaling, netchecker. The purpose of precommit is to check cluster components. For the correct precommit execution SERVICE_PATH variable should contains path to fuel-ccp-<some_repo> code with changes. The names of precommit tests were choosing according to the tested components.

Test execution

To execute tests necessary to add value to several variables via export or in the test command. Variables:

  • ENV_NAME - prefix name for the env and VMs
  • IMAGE_PATH - qcow2 image path
  • WORKSPACE - directory path
  • DEPLOY_SCRIPT - cargo path, can be cloned from git.openstack.org/openstack/fuel-ccp-installer
  • SHUTDOWN_ENV_ON_TEARDOWN - live switched ON the env value is (True), switched OFF value if (False)

After exporting execute the command:

py.test -vvv -s -k <test_name> or py.test -vvv -s -m <test_mark>