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Using OpenDaylight instead of Open vSwitch

This guide describes how to deploy and run OpenStack environment with OpenDaylight ML2 Neutron plugin instead of the reference OpenVSwitch ML2 on top of Kubernetes cluster using fuel-ccp.


OpenDaylight (ODL) is a modular Open SDN platform for networks of any size and scale. OpenStack can use OpenDaylight as its network management provider through the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) north-bound plug-in. OpenDaylight manages the network flows for the OpenStack compute nodes via the OVSDB south-bound plug-in.

Deployment will look like this:

  • new Docker container and service: opendaylight
  • openvswitch service on nodes is configured to be managed by ODL
  • neutron is configured to use networking-odl ML2 plugin.
  • neutron openvswitch and l3 agent pods are removed from the deployment topology.

What is needed to deploy CCP with ODL network plugin:

  • Runnning K8s environment with ODL network plugin (for a tested, recommended setup please check out the QuickStart Guide).
  • CCP installed on a machine with access to kube-apiserver (e.g. K8s master node).
  • CCP CLI config file with custom deployment topology.

Sample deployment

Sample CCP configuration

Let's write CCP CLI configuration file now, make sure you have the following in your configuration file (let's say it's ccp.yaml):

  push: True
  address: ""
  skip_empty: True
      - db
      - messaging
      - controller
      - openvswitch
      - opendaylight
      - db
      - messaging
      - compute
      - openvswitch
    - galera
    - rabbitmq
    - etcd
    - glance-api
    - glance-registry
    - heat-api
    - heat-engine
    - horizon
    - keystone
    - memcached
    - neutron-dhcp-agent
    - neutron-metadata-agent
    - neutron-server
    - nova-api
    - nova-conductor
    - nova-consoleauth
    - nova-novncproxy
    - nova-scheduler
    - nova-compute
    - nova-libvirt
    - openvswitch-db
    - openvswitch-vswitchd
    - opendaylight
    private_interface: eth1
      plugin_agent: "opendaylight"
    ovs_version: "2.5.1"

For the instructions for building images and deploying CCP refer to the QuickStart Guide.

To build only the opendaylight Docker image run: :

ccp deploy --config-file ccp.yaml build -c opendaylight

To deploy only the opendaylight component run:

ccp deploy --config-file ccp.yaml deploy -c opendaylight

Check configuration

To check that neutron has been configured to work with OpenDaylight, attach to neutron-server container and run: :

$ grep mechanism_drivers /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini
mechanism_drivers = opendaylight, logger

OpenDaylight creates only one bridge br-int, with all traffic being managed by OpenFlow, including routing and applying security group rules. To inspect flows, attach to an openvswitch-vswitchd container and exec: :

ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows br-int

To connect to OpenDaylight console run the following command in opendaylight container: