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  OpenDev Sysadmins dcd3ae5577 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Francesco Santoro 8f4eed3581 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update release to 3.0.1 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 66a4a8d7ae 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fix to support 9.1 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 219c9420e7 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update documentation and screenshots 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 4a224054c3 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fix to license file installation 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro d3f2e1fdc6 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: implement security group deactivation 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro bdea8de749 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use new task for nova configuration 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 6217bee2e5 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: invert options display 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro fcf0b64d69 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add conflicts with cinder and ceph 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro df8e8e1703 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: create dependency to KVM hypervisor 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 9cee4b3ca3 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: make credentials mandatory 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro bf94308fd5 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: postpone 6wind extension installation 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 3aa2121272 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add new release note section 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro a4eda756c8 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update doc for Fuel 9 plugin 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 9b7c313919 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update built-in tests for Fuel 9 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 26aeb3be1f 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: basic Fuel 9 support 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro be8b0c498c 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update plugin version to 2.0.1 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 5f4ee260a9 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: support for Mellanox NICs 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro e6f8bf2b89 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add support for multiple product version 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 2ac6b2387b 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: workaround for ceilometer bug 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 661ba34a59 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: change libvirt/qemu installation entry point 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 93c11edf83 6wind-plugin-virtual-accelerator: update doc for Fuel 8 support 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 51b6fcd8b3 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add option for cpu host emulation 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro c2d0bffaef 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update built-in tests for Fuel 8 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 226e3df0ae 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update metadata for Fuel 8 support 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 13d76567ea 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: documentation improvements 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 07390a6209 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fix version on documentation 2 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 773111dacf fuel-plugin-virtual-accelerator: keep apparmor libvirt profile 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro e4e6a66696 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update documentation and plugin version 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro b385d3a0e3 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: rework parameters displaying 3 years ago
  Vincent JARDIN 83577ade80 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: va typo 3 years ago
  Vincent JARDIN 9b796d14a9 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: fuel typo 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 86f13a0991 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update plugin version 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro a9c08301ac 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use 6wind_ prefix for license file 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro d0283632ed 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin/doc: description on license file upload 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 6cf6bb5ed8 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update doc to better describe tunnel support 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 59d25cc29e 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: adding scripts for simple testing 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 84de58e02e 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: update apparmor exit status 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro c309df02a2 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: use service instead of exec 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 35f1cd37a4 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: add network check to plugin guide 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 77f8ec1b72 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: adding overview section to doc 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro c44a1b9e69 fuel-plugin-6wind-virtual-accelerator: adding missing images 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 7c4810e25b 6wind-va-plugin: use common 6WIND repo for openstack extensions 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro c1336faa6a 6wind-va-plugin: set vcpu_pin_set before starting VA service 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 6932c1e54b 6wind-va-plugin: small fixes to ipset disable option 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro d714747cf7 fuel-plugin-6wind-virtual-accelerator: use new names for certificates 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 6ab40dbfcb 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin/doc: use vxlan networking as default 3 years ago
  Jenkins df82128140 Merge "6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: adding documentation and spec" 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 452751d036 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: disable security group ipset 3 years ago
  Francesco Santoro 44296d1243 6wind-virtual-accelerator-plugin: adding documentation and spec 3 years ago