Fuel plugin to enable and configure networking-bgpvpn component
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BGPVPN Plugin for Fuel

BGPVPN plugin


This is the Fuel plugin for the networking-bgpvpn project.


Requirement Version/Comment
Mirantis OpenStack compatibility 10.0




Installation Guide

BGPVPN plugin installation

  1. Clone the fuel-plugin-bgpvpn repo from github:

    git clone https://github.com/openstack/fuel-plugin-bgpvpn
  2. Install the Fuel Plugin Builder:

    pip install fuel-plugin-builder
  3. Install the fpm gem:

    gem install fpm
  4. Build bgpvpn Fuel plugin:

    fpb --build fuel-plugin-bgpvpn/
  5. The bgpvpn-[x.x.x].rpm plugin package will be created in the plugin folder.

  6. Move this file to the Fuel Master node with secure copy (scp):

    scp bgpnvpn-[x.x.x].rpm root@<the_Fuel_Master_node_IP address>:/tmp
  7. While logged in Fuel Master install the BGPVPN plugin:

    fuel plugins --install bgpvpn-[x.x.x].rpm
  8. Check if the plugin was installed successfully:

    fuel plugins
    id | name         | version | package_version
    1  | bgpvpn       | 0.1.0   | 3.0.0
  9. Plugin is ready to use and can be enabled on the Settings tab of the Fuel web UI.

User Guide


nikolas.hermanns@ericsson.com mskalski@mirantis.com tim.irnich@ericsson.com rski@intracom-telecom.com