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  Taras Kostyuk 77f15c3bbb User Guide: 'Automate with Mistral' added 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys f0836ad32a Added test for integration of GCS and mistral fuel plugins. 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys 2841cf3e4f Fixed test that is verifying default values. 2 years ago
  Taras Kostyuk af680d76d1 Rename GCS bucket name to Default GCS bucket name 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys 3be96792f6 Added documentation for manual test cases. 2 years ago
  Taras Kostyuk bb5f63daf3 User Guide added 2 years ago
  Oleksandr Kosse 19bf4d04b1 Add some functional and intefrations tests 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys 212f72d155 Created test case to verify default values for plugin setup. 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys 2e82da28ae Changed naming for test groups to follow unified naming convention. 2 years ago
  Vitalii Yerys e44cbdc552 Added doc folder for plugin documentation. Created master test 2 years ago