36 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins a4164cfdc4 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Jenkins 63e0ca4765 Merge "Fix parseyaml and nodes hash lookup" 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 16a7431e25 Fix parseyaml and nodes hash lookup 3 years ago
  Georgy Kibardin d88b752a63 Update plugin version to 4 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn d11b825b91 Update condition to run hiera override task on all roles 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn beadd4131c Add newton-10.0 support 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 77efa321c9 Fix release compatibility for plugin. Remove old releases 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 3e78951aa1 Refactor plugin for parallel task deployment 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 4d9531f32f Disable haproxy VIP colocation for database role 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 3e3a0b0360 Refactor tasks for version 2.0.0 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 8c6e6bd96c Add 9.0 releases 3 years ago
  Jenkins fb0bbe8238 Merge "Add galera SST port to firewall rules" 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn e68a305bd4 Add galera SST port to firewall rules 3 years ago
  Jenkins c42489d845 Merge "Use hiera/plugins directory instead of override" 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 847ba97771 Use hiera/plugins directory instead of override 3 years ago
  slava 5260b6d662 Exclude 'setup_repositories' task from graph 3 years ago
  Stanislaw Bogatkin f4457eeac5 Add repositories to target node 3 years ago
  Vladimir Khlyunev 2b74734ba6 Add liberty-8.0 version to metadata.yaml 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn bd55ebbf7b Adjust plugin setting wording 3 years ago
  Jenkins cba65c58e1 Merge "Move firewall to a plugin-specific task" 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn e4ad593668 Move firewall to a plugin-specific task 3 years ago
  Alex Schultz 4a4b68cc3c Put plugin hiera in place 3 years ago
  Alex Schultz a4eba32c31 Fix hiera overrides for 8.0 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 8bb5dc0be0 Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Jenkins cce5d88f12 Merge "Remove zabbix-server role" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 854c8bb848 Merge "Remove reference to fuel-plugin-detach-keystone" 3 years ago
  Alex Schultz 51def9b411 Remove zabbix-server role 3 years ago
  Daniel Depaoli d15afb45c0 Remove reference to fuel-plugin-detach-keystone 3 years ago
  Vladimir Sharshov (warpc) 4f2bdd7948 Allow to run plugin on Fuel 8.0 environment 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 6fb59cbae0 Allow empty additional config 3 years ago
  asledzinskiy d9073b7610 Add validation on emptyness of additional config 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 5239f94138 Use standard virtual_ips task for database_vip 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 981374df4c Add controller to update_required in role 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 77fc656465 Add openstack-haproxy-stats to non-primary role 3 years ago
  Matthew Mosesohn 09a30693cb Initial commit 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 2cc1813690 Added .gitreview 3 years ago