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  Dirk Wallerstorfer 57cba10c81 oneagent installation is now bound to role 'controller' to check hotpluggable deployment of oneagent on controller ndoes 2 years ago
  Dirk Wallerstorfer 6f4bd7a6f8 added reexecute on deploy changes to deplyoment tasks; restricted node roles even more 2 years ago
  Dirk Wallerstorfer d4434f8c5a renamed dynatrace-agent to dynatrace-oneagent 2 years ago
  root c4d037cfd5 removing deployment_task for agent-base as it would be redundant because the agent is always installed on a controller node 2 years ago
  root 3ce49524ea removed parameter for sg install 2 years ago
  root e596879cd3 reworked deployment tasks and node roles 2 years ago
  root 600206e22e changed role deployment tasks 2 years ago
  root 00736e7ac3 added global deployment tasks for new roles 2 years ago
  root 9eef3cf17d rename to dynatrace 2 years ago
  root c32ce1d570 revised puppet scripts with Georg 2 years ago
  dirkwall 6995e680b5 - updating fuel-plugin UI for Dynatrace Managed instance 2 years ago
  dirk fad153eb5e refactored deployment script so that necessary modules are included in puppet/modules directory, as instructed by documentation, therefore deploy.sh is obsolete and deployment_tasks.yaml became easier 2 years ago
  dirk e9bfbaada7 updated deployment_tasks.yaml to install puppet module before executing puppet script 3 years ago
  dirk a1585f27ff simplified puppet scripts 3 years ago
  dirk 54e6f7e292 initial commit of plugin structure 3 years ago