Fuel plugin installs the Dynatrace OneAgent
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Dynatrace plugin for Fuel

The Dynatrace Fuel plugin install the Dynatrace OneAgent on all controller nodes and introduces a new node role called Dynatrace Security Gateway. In order to work properly you need an active Dynatrace account (free trial also works) and access to your SaaS account or a Dynatrace Managed node/cluster on premise.

Dynatrace OneAgent

The Dynatrace OneAgent is automatically installed on all controller nodes, as soon as the plugin is activated. The OneAgent instruments the OpenStack services and also the supporting services like MySQL, RabbitMQ, Memcached, HAproxy, … and sends all monitoring and log data to the node with Dynatrace Security Gateway role.

Dynatrace Security Gateway

The Dynatrace Security Gateway role must be applied to a standalone physical machine, where no other OpenStack service is running. If you plan to use Dynatrace for monitoring your applications that run on top of OpenStack as well, you need to make sure that the VMs where the Dynatrace OneAgent is installed have network access to the Dynatrace Security Gateway node.