18 Commits (master)

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  Guillaume Thouvenin 459a7f2723 Fix issue with LDAP protocol radio button 2 years ago
  Patrick Petit c2df7ef45a StackLight 0.10.0 documentation updates 2 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin fd448620de Use a better name and description for ldap user attribute 2 years ago
  Swann Croiset e19d42b190 Implement LDAP integration for Kibana 2 years ago
  Swann Croiset ed7ab91d49 Use password generator for Kibana 2 years ago
  Swann Croiset 469db9e35d Add authentication for Kibana 2 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 15d65ae5b7 Enable secure communication over HTTPS for Kibana 2 years ago
  Swann Croiset 0f2cd49766 Add advanced settings for Elasticsearch deployment 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 9bbdf0f10a Remove left-over in environmnet_config.yaml 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset fe2e8948af Switch to custom role elasticsearch_kibana 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 56b182c5af Add support for data curation 3 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 2b778eaabc Add an option to configure the JVM size 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 3f50514248 Fix Settings tab becoming unresponsive 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 12ff7873e8 Manage the size of the partition 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 3422f3c244 Create disk partitions on Ubuntu. 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin fb9a2d898e Create a new puppet module for managing volume. 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 74d140970a Initial import 4 years ago