27 Commits (master)

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  Simon Pasquier 7a6567ba85 Bump version to 1.1 2 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 521cf50a22 Bump version to 1.0.0 2 years ago
  Patrick Petit c2df7ef45a StackLight 0.10.0 documentation updates 2 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 2964d1937b Bump to version 0.10 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier fd080521ce Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 9.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 0125b78ba9 Remove the obsolete naming version 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 0d01b6f88c Allow the plugin to be installed after deployment 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 2246dfe3c0 Update plugin description 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier f21c475849 Support liberty-8.0 version for Fuel 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset f0cebee783 Re-execute cluster configuration on redeployment 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 6b2a52c277 Remove compatibility with MOS 7.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 58e6e1562b Remove residual references of stackforge 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier d70acfb432 Bump plugin version to 0.9.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 21fa440677 Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 8.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset fe2e8948af Switch to custom role elasticsearch_kibana 3 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin dd3cdc7e0b Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 7.0 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 35e2d0a5ab Bump version to 0.8.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 328ee37a68 Add plugin in the monitoring group 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 60786a4e98 Modify the plugin's version to 0.7.0 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier e448adcd0b Fix version of the plugin 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 0dead29aa1 Update plugin's description 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 711fd4bcbe Fix errors reported by puppet-lint 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 3422f3c244 Create disk partitions on Ubuntu. 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 5e878fba1b Add support for CentOS. 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin f4a1d22ac8 Restructuring manifests. 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin 74d140970a Initial import 4 years ago