24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Pasquier e670a0300a Bump version to 1.1 2 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 0254a53cbb Bump version to 1.0.0 2 years ago
  Patrick Petit 9d82af60d6 LMA to StackLight renaming 2 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 8cc3503b73 Bump version to 0.10 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier c6501a5262 Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 9.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 2b609d84b7 Remove the obsolete naming version 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 2c45861171 Allow the plugin to be installed after deployment 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier fd02df27d9 Support liberty-8.0 version for Fuel 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 716a10a444 Remove compatibility with MOS 7.0 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier b1c73b43e0 Upgrade package_version to v3.0.0 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier d63072e372 Bump plugin version to 0.9.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 89ddfeb424 Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 8.0 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier f913b409b5 Remove support for MOS 6.1 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 570e5b0ce6 Replace 'stackforge' references by 'openstack' 3 years ago
  Guillaume Thouvenin b6cc935955 Update metadata.yaml to support MOS 7.0 3 years ago
  Simon Pasquier c728ab6810 Bump version to 0.8.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 1a642fee10 Add plugin in the monitoring group 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 51f593692f s/ElasticSearch/Elasticsearch/ where appropriate 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 7e88bd4353 Modify the plugin's version to 0.7.0 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 1df78b92a1 Fix version of the plugin 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 4d86c83141 Remove unused releases in metadata.yaml 4 years ago
  Swann Croiset f9b0b44427 Switch to fuel-plugin-builder 2.0 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier 40fe13aed2 Modify plugin's title 4 years ago
  Simon Pasquier c9ee4d30d9 Initial import of the LMA collector plugin 4 years ago