Fuel plugin to collect Logging Monitoring and Alerting metrics
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The StackLight Collector Plugin for Fuel

The StackLight Collector Plugin is used to install and configure several software components that are used to collect and process all the data that we think is relevant to provide deep operational insights about your OpenStack environment. These finely integrated components are collectively referred to as the StackLight Collector (or just the Collector).

The Collecor is a key component of the so-called Logging, Monitoring and Alerting (LMA) toolchain of Mirantis OpenStack.

Please start with the StackLight Collector Plugin Overview to getting started.

Release Notes

A summary description of the features are provided in the Release Notes section of the plugin’s documentation.


The requirements are provided in the Requirements section of the plugin’s documentation.

Known issues

All known issues are listed on Launchpad.


All known limitations are described in the Limitations section of the plugin’s documentation.


The installation instructions of the StackLight Collector are provided in the Installation section of the plugin’s documentation.

User Guide

Instructions for how to configure the StackLight Collector are provided in the Configuration Guide and Alarms Configuration Guide sections of the plugin’s documentation.


The OpenStack Development Mailing List is the preferred way to communicate with the members of the project. Emails should be sent to openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org with the subject prefixed by [fuel][plugins][lma].

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be filed against the LMA toolchain project on Launchpad (not Github!).


If you would like to contribute to the development of this plugin, you must follow the OpenStack development workflow instructions.

Patch reviews take place on the OpenStack Gerrit system.