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  OpenDev Sysadmins b73d34ce9d OpenDev Migration Patch 13 hours ago
  Hamdy Khader b488aaaf7a Add support for ConnectX-5 adapters 1 year ago
  Jenkins 8a16909f40 Merge "Upgrading to Mellanox OFED 3.4-1 GA" 1 year ago
  waleedm ccdeb0b3e9 Enhancing web UI section 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim 3d7d5fb73c Upgrading to Mellanox OFED 3.4-1 GA 2 years ago
  Jenkins c864477372 Merge "Adding support for Fuel 9 deployment over Ethernet" 2 years ago
  Hamdy Khader 244325118c Added "Limitations" section, change version to 3.2.1 in docs 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim e007626f1f Adding support for Fuel 9 deployment over Ethernet 2 years ago
  Hamdy Khader f6a6cb4a4e Fix VXLAN iSER Bond issue 2 years ago
  Jenkins fc918d5ce2 Merge "Fix Mellanox ConnectX-4 serializer with bonding" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 1cc2834698 Merge "Fix ConnectX4-LX SR-IOV Support" 2 years ago
  Hamdy Khader fae6863b01 Fix Mellanox ConnectX-4 serializer with bonding 2 years ago
  Hamdy Khader a837fe3ca0 Fix ConnectX4-LX SR-IOV Support 2 years ago
  Hamdy Khader a79e2b2655 Fix start_sriov_vm.sh logger_print: command not found 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 8fd5a11650 Fix README.md with ConnectX-4 release changes 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 0843ad6cac ConnectX-4 RST user guide manual 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah df713aecad Fix configuring mellanox VFs for ConnectX-4 LX cards 2 years ago
  Jenkins 650b396bf4 Merge "Fix conditional reboot when max num vfs changes" 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah d684dc16f8 Fix conditional reboot when max num vfs changes 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 48eb59c4e3 Handled erros while configuring mellanox vfs 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 8f8694dd97 Reload vfs after iser rename 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah f1a549dac6 Fixed post install script output message with MAX num vfs parameter 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 2f42229ae7 Remove link_astute_file deployment task 2 years ago
  Jenkins 05effce4e3 Merge "Fixes to SRIOV VFs unbind" 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim a8c7bc2245 Add support for ConnectX-4 LX FW configurations 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim eefcfa437b Fixes to SRIOV VFs unbind 2 years ago
  Jenkins 1a8df66c73 Merge "Remove VXALN checkbox from UI" 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah d270915273 Remove VXALN checkbox from UI 2 years ago
  Jenkins f9a2e5f50c Merge "Change upload sriov image script" 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim fafdeeeee9 Change upload sriov image script 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 0dfe6f349b Changed bootstrap FW update method 2 years ago
  Jenkins 38f580da4a Merge "Dynamically set maximum number of VFs in bootstrap stage" 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 2dbb3acb3f Dynamically set maximum number of VFs in bootstrap stage 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 45a6a277f7 Added a fix to deployment tasks dependencies 2 years ago
  Jenkins a29bb12057 Merge "Reduce number of vfs burned in bootstrap" 2 years ago
  Jenkins e74f3df00b Merge "Fix mellanox settings log messages" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 1c6f8997ba Merge "Set VFs MAC addresses" 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 8b30f4cb75 Set VFs MAC addresses 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 0117459aee Reduce number of vfs burned in bootstrap 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim 336e3abb87 Remove pre OFED serializers and enable IB 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 7280e78fcc Fix mellanox settings log messages 2 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim 4faa9ef57e Adding script name to bootstrap creation usage 2 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah fcef114eb5 Enhanced create_mellanox_bootstrap script 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 467a479d4d Add UI restriction for intel_iommu kernel params 3 years ago
  Aviram Bar-Haim 64f0c86510 Move FW burn to discovery stage 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 42c47329fc Implement ConnectX-4 configurations 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 8f7a03adf5 Fixing readme.md file 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah cceb428260 Add readme.md file 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 2c92680186 Fixing User Guide 3 years ago
  Rawan Herzallah 1a52c1fd5f User Guide RST Format Documentation 3 years ago