Fuel plugin for Network Node deployment integration
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Fuel plugin to seperate the network agent on the their own nodes.


The plugin will disable the L3, metatdata and DHCP agents on the openstack controllers, and install and configure the agents on a new network-node role that is created.


The plugin must be installed and turned on prior to adding the controllers to the fuel environment to ensure that the deployment task are created correctly.

Building the Plugin

  1. Clone the fuel-plugin repo from:

    git clone https://github.com/p5ntangle/fuel-plugin-network-node

  2. Install the Fuel Plugin Builder:

    pip install fuel-plugin-builder

  3. Build Network Node Fuel plugin:

fpb --build fuel-plugin-network-node/

  1. The network-plugin-.rpm plugin package will be created in the plugin folder (fuel-plugin-network/).

  2. Move this file to the Fuel Master node with secure copy (scp):

scp network-node-<x.x.x>.rpm root@:<the_Fuel_Master_node_IP address>:/tmp cd /tmp

  1. Install the Network Node plugin:

fuel plugins --install network-plugin-<x.x.x>.rpm

  1. Plugin is ready to use and can be enabled on the Settings tab of the Fuel web UI.