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  OpenDev Sysadmins ddc584bd6a OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Serhii Lystopad e1bf67f211 Add option to create system user `nova` on all compute nodes 3 years ago
  Jenkins 767a222422 Merge "Add validation for plugin settings" 3 years ago
  Serhii Lystopad db42cd4a67 Add validation for plugin settings 3 years ago
  Serhii Lystopad 19e095b226 Inject deployment task into graph for compute role 3 years ago
  Jenkins ee80f08545 Merge "update gitreview" 3 years ago
  Lnic a09b889bcf update gitreview 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 277a0f5b81 Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Lnic 1d4f5b766d Update Nova-nfs plugin to Fuel 7.0 compatibility 3 years ago
  Lnic ac16e4301e Update Nova-nfs plugin to 2.0.0 for Fuel 6.1 compatibility 4 years ago
  sbartel 3f8a1c7b4e Update NFS volume description 4 years ago
  sbartel 3267136b5e Initial implementation of Nova NFS plugin for Fuel 4 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 55f12c9660 Added .gitreview 4 years ago