19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Igor Zinovik 20284eae2a Lookup hiera data for 'skip_provider_network' flag 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik 867225a879 Add data structure to try_get_value() call 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik a371b6312b Provide a flag that mark existence of provider network 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik c95539e76a Forcibly start openvswitch-switch 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik 324f540868 Update Neutron NSX plugin to latest commit from stable/mitaka branch 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik 1a39ecce98 Add 'python-neutron-lib' package 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov ee888518bd Fix url with NSX-T packages for NSX-T 1.0.1 version 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik 9be55a15fb Fix puppet-lint and shell warnings and errors 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik a8caf3e740 Move away from 'text_list' to 'textarea' 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov fcaa0cc3e5 Setting up compute nodes to work with nsx-t 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov 24cd70e987 Configure nova on compute-vmware role to support nsx-t 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov 3dcbf31891 Permit STT traffic 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov 9728ea3bb4 Deploy controller node with nsx-t support 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov 12f8f25427 Added puppet providers for add nodes to NSX-T 2 years ago
  Artem Savinov 85be272e7d Add manifest to install custom repo on node with nsx packages 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik c6eac64196 Implement plugin actions: install package, configure nsx.ini 2 years ago
  Igor Zinovik 19755eb391 Add plugin stub 2 years ago