22 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guo Ruijing a77ce89204 Remove OVS with DPDK in metadata 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 0e55761328 Clean up and Remove DPDK from ovs with NSH 2 years ago
  Alexandru Avadanii 8736c8f6e6 Multiarch: Arch-qualify DEB binary archives 2 years ago
  Alexandru Avadanii cf24224808 AArch64: Add native build support 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 18b80bb154 build ovs with dpdk from mos 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing d0487867be Fix package version issue in install script 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing db6380e405 enable ovs 2.6.1 with NSH 2 years ago
  billyom b8f3735ff3 Set pmd-cpu-mask in ovsdb by ovs_pmd_core_mask in yaml 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 996c928d42 Rebase to fuel 10.0 2 years ago
  Michal Skalski c77582ea96 Allocate enough memeory for dpdk hugepages 2 years ago
  Michal Skalski c1e14c9412 Allocate enough memeory for dpdk hugepages 2 years ago
  Michael Polenchuk 137748b828 Set default for dpdk_socket_mem 2 years ago
  Michael Polenchuk 7d02f4c328 Mend install script 2 years ago
  Michael Polenchuk 0db45e1404 Allocate dpdk socket memory 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 2537604061 Fix dpdk interface 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 4f3ec02230 Rebase to OVS with DPDk 16.07 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing f04f64e8b3 Fix wget failures in fuel@opnfv 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing bee1b2b540 Fix DPDK + NSH installation 2 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 537bee446f Update to DPDK 16.04 + OVS 2.5.90 3 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 109c167823 Support non-dpdk/nsh support 3 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 10894a064c Fix some install issues 3 years ago
  Guo Ruijing 2bad5a25e9 refactor scripts and update NSH patch 3 years ago