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  OpenDev Sysadmins e6208d9b19 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Jenkins 2f85520a6f Merge "MOS 9 maintenance commit: - Change order of solution api task and post pg licencse - Remove minimum limit of 1 on gateway nodes - Add version attribute to tasks - Remove tasks.yaml file as it is not supported" 2 years ago
  Arslan Qadeer 975c9afa53 Changes for MOS 9.0 2 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb d9e545e435 MOS 9 maintenance commit: 2 years ago
  mshahzeb da15e2cdd7 MOS-9 integration: 2 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb 49c87408db Disable OVS related task to support scale in/out in MOS8 2 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb aa417e80fd Add support for MOS8 in fuel plumgrid plugin: 3 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb 41f19ebf86 Update PG Firewall rules for MOS 3 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb 75ee8d4327 Adding ecmp support for neutron. 3 years ago
  Muhammad Shahzeb 172011019e Improving Upgrade work flow for networking-plugmrid pip version 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 2e7e7c1a28 Adding Removing / Adding Controllers to Expected Failures 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan a23b3ae5b1 Adding some expected failures 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan ed44e3a05b Adding expected failures to plugin guide 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan bd06445328 Minor fixes to plugin guide 3 years ago
  Jenkins f95d648719 Merge "Changing URL for serving cloudapex" 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 324c75ed18 Changing URL for serving cloudapex 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 9688d42728 Changing URL for serving cloudapex 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 8f36e19b4b OPSVM fix for sal class Middleware-IP 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan bb5fb3c7d3 Add OPSVM / CloudApex support for MOS7 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 15e7c8a078 Update Plugin Guide 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 6480a3591b Plugin Guide Fixes 3 years ago
  Jenkins 11df02fa3d Merge "Add plugin guide with spnix enabled" 3 years ago
  Jenkins dee2d8546b Merge "Add Fuel PLUMgrid plugin spec" 3 years ago
  AbdullahK abe9a41a52 Nginx template changes for CloudApex 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 5c3e3ba059 Add plugin guide with spnix enabled 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 15c8e4eb1f Add Fuel PLUMgrid plugin spec 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 1926161ac0 Ensure latest python-plumgridlib in class neutron::plugins::plumgrid 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 9a4942aeb9 Update Plugin version to 1.0.1 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 107137861b Enable logging for PG bash deployment scripts 3 years ago
  Jenkins 450dcc4360 Merge "Make Edge & Gateway Deployment Sequential" 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 6dcf7f3b6f Update plumgrid_fabric script to maintain bonded interface configs 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan c7a5e9b9a9 Update README with new repo name 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 4b0dd84e27 Make Edge & Gateway Deployment Sequential 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 13cd87f8aa Increase license post timeout to 5 minutes 3 years ago
  Javeria Khan 6ec9f25b1a Initial Commit - Fuel PLUMgrid Plugin 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 704fe8c8b7 Added .gitreview 3 years ago