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  OpenDev Sysadmins f7f8ea7651 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Simon Dodsley 0a9562a472 Ad a .gitignore file 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley a8a8e5f7b3 Update supported Mirantis version number 2 years ago
  Patrick East 7e4404adb4 Get checks passing 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 691750e445 Add Version parameter 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 2098adf0ed Update multipath conf file 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 34f976506e Cleanup unneccessary files 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 922547e57c Remove multibackend option from plugin 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 26dd95d2c4 Final fix for idempotent code 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 0d10449e1f Delete unnecessary function 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 824d7686f6 Remove Old Documentation 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley f406d2a3a8 Update Doc Set 2 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 97d19b64ca Make glance image cache IDs idempotent 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley dd4f169c59 Make Glance Image Cahe code idempotent 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 2056e74df9 Use join() to concatrenate strings and ensure variables match 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley a0ead49076 Installation doc update 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 4f20bcef0a Fix documentation index 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley b27c0e1ca9 Update documentation 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley b2edb9cc01 :Update docs to Sphinx format and add replication 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley e6a06b9c03 Update Plugin to support Mitaka 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley be7dcd61b7 Implement Consistency Groups Option 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 72a57df537 Interim fix for Mirantis bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1547048) 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley eb2a678908 Remove comma from enabled_backends 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 6d08960104 Only add Glance Image Cache info if needed 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 3622db6bce Update Documentation and convert to FPB v4.0 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley b30de2e8a0 Code fixes 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 58fb27f4ee Fix typing for erandom function 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 0d24222b7f Relocate common function 3 years ago
  Simon Dodsley 822a852d8d Add UNMAP support for Nova Instances 3 years ago
  sdodsley c30390c41b Upgrade to Fuel 8.0 and FPB 3.0 3 years ago
  sdodsley afbe409075 Implement custom function to generate keystone-like ID 3 years ago
  sdodsley a9387ba486 Typo Fix 3 years ago
  sdodsley 0df4272192 Format fixing for RST 3 years ago
  sdodsley 97ab6c1b29 Format fixes 3 years ago
  sdodsley b0f0e5d5b8 Format fixes 3 years ago
  sdodsley 956a257465 New FCZM code and MPIO file and doc updates 3 years ago
  sdodsley 3b977bc9cf Add FCZM information. Remove end spaces from lines 3 years ago
  sdodsley deb7ef5d8a Update code to start looking at glance image cache params 3 years ago
  sdodsley 6d11a92d70 Update doc 3 years ago
  sdodsley ce8720e3ee Updated documentation 3 years ago
  sdodsley 3b25ed0abf Delete RPM from repo 3 years ago
  sdodsley f11baa8dbd Fix typo 3 years ago
  sdodsley 90398b6a99 Update with Glance Image Cache parameters 3 years ago
  sdodsley 0f8327acc6 Replay Mirantis comments from Stable/Kilo 3 years ago
  sdodsley 977d61927a wqAdd screenshot for Liberty plugin 3 years ago
  sdodsley 1ffe9fa4ed Update environment YAML with new parameters 3 years ago
  sdodsley c68216aee1 Doc update 3 years ago
  sdodsley 6d90c83d9d New RPM 3 years ago
  sdodsley 2a94ed5eaa Amend code after Mirantis Feedback 3 years ago
  sdodsley 27d3d4df86 Update for Liberty Release of Fuel Plugin 3 years ago