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  OpenDev Sysadmins 9cb2bc17ac OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  alexey-mr 15ea6e498a enable plugin for fuel10 2 years ago
  alexey-mr cc618f88dd Update version to v2.1.3. 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 589502118f Glance configuration is moved to scaleio openstack puppet module 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 5fd55dbd81 Use FTP server as a source with ScaleIO packages 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 196f1ba1e1 Update rpm checksum in test report for v2.1.2 2 years ago
  alexey-mr e1d7c715dc v2.1.2 fixes for documentations 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 9f250881a7 switch to v1.1.4 for scaleio puppet modules 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 1eada45912 fixed dependencies for scaleio role 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 26d6c74389 add explicit version 2.0.0 for tasks 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 59fda8d63a [doc] add pictures for non hyper converged deployment 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 4ae337ccec set version 2.1.2 and fix docs accordingly 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 186739001e use github/codedellemc 2 years ago
  alexey-mr c8a1143637 Added scaleio group of tasks for environment check 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 7990339405 Docs changes according to Miratins review. 2 years ago
  alexey-mr a326df8163 remove disclaimer about RC1 from readme 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 81ad2d34dc Added scaleio role into deployment_tasks 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 3fd9fb1fca Non-hyper-converged deployment support 2 years ago
  alexey-mr c59f44c019 Update tag & version of rpm in ready 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 1fcdfa83d4 Update docs and readme 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 34a4e2b4b7 [doc] added md5 sum for tested plugin in report 2 years ago
  alexey-mr d4d7f5ff31 use v1.1.0 scaleio puppet modules 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 7f9af7acff [doc] added info about fuel9.0 support, increase vers. 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 06d1bb1440 use own pw_hash function 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 6070c15791 Use default protection domain in nova according to SDS. 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 6f98b58d1e fixed cross dependency loop 2 years ago
  alexey-mr f129bdaa8f Keep other glance storeages in config 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 34dc52753b Add dependency for glance tasks from upload_cirros 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 72b63c4c2f Don't use admin user for OS services. 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 18c7be145d Glance over Cinder support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov f2138fe7dd fixed syntax by puppet-lint 2 years ago
  alexey-mr a9e89dec39 Fixed auto creation of protection domains 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 7cc12e1dbe Fix installation procedure in readme 2 years ago
  alexey-mr a004feb65a Fix grammar error in resource name 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 15ff60d2f2 rmcache support 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 262e81d5b7 use sio_name instead of name for puppet_scaleio calls 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 2d9e99b385 allow to pass branches to pre_build_hook as RELEASE_TAG 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 65dd97dc90 Replace fuel_version comparison with specifig flag 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 69ca86e05b fuel9 related changes 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 3c1980c998 added is_hotpluggable=false 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 4a38e9a90a use own filter_nodes function 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 87c9b1a25f added fuel9 support in metadata 2 years ago
  alexey-mr 9b8a9876fb fix double slash because it is not working with s3 repo 3 years ago
  alexey-mr 19cfddd40a Reorganization of projects and repositories. 3 years ago
  alexey-mr 428ebffc5f Remove mentions abotu 6.1/7.0 from master 3 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov bb0d4b8000 update version from https://github.com/cloudscaling/fuel-plugin-scaleio 3 years ago
  Adrian Moreno c850346d4e Updates ScaleIO module ref (bug fix) 3 years ago
  Adrian Moreno c86ccb2252 Updates ScaleIO module reference (bug fix) 3 years ago
  Adrian Moreno 6994919b4e Updates ScaleIO module reference to fix package installation process 3 years ago
  Adrian Moreno 818408b30c Adds support matrix to README.md file 3 years ago