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  OpenDev Sysadmins 1fbde42a5f OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Ian Wienand c0207cda05 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 2 months ago
  ibumarskov 8d9bb69dc8 [Doc] Version of DVS plugin has been fixed 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 2c5b5c72fd Add custom shaker scenarios for testing of DVS plugin. 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin aa23019b33 fix custom hostname 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 2c2aaa76e5 change version 3.2.0 to 3.1.1 2 years ago
  Jenkins 4c4b49c2c4 Merge "fix primary-openstack-network-plugins-l2" 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 193cf22f4a fix primary-openstack-network-plugins-l2 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 0e54ab7b1b Change plugin to support 9.2 2 years ago
  Ruslan Khozinov 5a936abd65 Fix for CI issue related to submodule downloading 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 7ab75e2c61 remove deprecated instruction from README 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 6bdcf4939e Rename teaming and fallback uplinks 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 75df65724f Change UserGuide and TestPlan for 3.1 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 738ad6c396 Fix description in the cluster2vds mapping on UI 2 years ago
  ibumarskov 8cf72614e8 Add test with secure connection for dvs agent 2 years ago
  Jenkins dadf0267b4 Merge "Fix for missing show_step" 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova c22f7f3119 Increase timeout for check_connection_through_host 2 years ago
  Ruslan Khozinov 8b20ba3cfb Fix for missing show_step 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8d56654722 Merge "[TestPlan] Add test with secure connection for dvs agent" 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin b19b88653d Fix the bug that prevent assign 2 Cluster to one controller 2 years ago
  ibumarskov b9f0cf0cf0 [TestPlan] Add test with secure connection for dvs agent 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 337e8b8b6f Adding of automated tests for multiple uplinks. 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin c237dc0765 New format of inputing data for DVS 2 years ago
  Jenkins 9f13155076 Merge "[TestPlan] Add tests for dvs multiple uplinks" 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 63a8dac383 [TestPlan] Add tests for dvs multiple uplinks 2 years ago
  Jenkins 59cf082060 Merge "add multiple uplinks support" 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 257615f569 Update driver: ipv6 bug fixes for DHCP and SingleIp rules 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin bd01b39922 add multiple uplinks support 2 years ago
  Jenkins 364894a955 Merge "Fix tests ids for DVS test plan" 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin a537e4dbd4 Fix tests ids for DVS test plan 2 years ago
  Jenkins 18211e467b Merge "Fix the bug with neutron timeout and rework code" 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova edbe780e60 Refactor code of vmware dvs tests 2 years ago
  Alexander Arzhanov 0c8903f5b9 Fix the bug with neutron timeout and rework code 2 years ago
  ekhomyakova 2eb83d06bd Fix for dvs_attached_ports test 2 years ago
  Alexander Arzhanov 5b7daa02e7 Support custom CA bundle 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin db91c613b4 Fix issue with wrong call of SSHManager 2 years ago
  Jenkins 27a4489cb4 Merge "Add DVS and PG metadata fields in 'details' field of neutron port" 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 7209f296c6 Refactoring of destructive DVS scenarios 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 0b1cb8b6c3 Fix inaccuracy in test dvs_update_core_repos 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin c0879a2f0d Enable reverting snapshots for destructive tests. 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin 89ee57e1f5 Fix issues with suspended cluster after snapshot creating. 2 years ago
  Vyacheslav Tabolin e9336bed21 Add DVS and PG metadata fields in 'details' field of neutron port 2 years ago
  Vyacheslav Tabolin 433eeac5a2 Nova.patch update for support DVS/PG IDs for VIFs 2 years ago
  Igor Gajsin 299cccbd0c using networking-vsphere as the driver 3 years ago
  Olena Logvinova 9b6cda1d42 [docs] [user guide] Remove a duplicate sentence 2 years ago
  Olena Logvinova e6472893f2 [docs] [User Guide] Edit the table output 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin be30d33824 Add missed spaces 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin c49deb2cf7 Update version in Test documentation 2 years ago
  Jenkins ed2d9539c7 Merge "Editing of scale tests and test dvs_vcenter_same_ip" 2 years ago
  Vasily Gorin ba41084b5c Editing of scale tests and test dvs_vcenter_same_ip 2 years ago