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  OpenDev Sysadmins b45746b96f OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Olivier Bourdon dfb6580484 Fix .gitignore for puppet modules 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon d809ebac35 Add support for MOS 10.0 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 5953939012 Add MOS 9.2 as supported release 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 92601e1652 Add MOS 9.1 as supported release 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2daf0d9075 Merge "Add full support for MOS 9.0" 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 993ba7e2db Add full support for MOS 9.0 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon deb43ab2df Roll back version from 2.6.0 to 2.5.1 2 years ago
  Jenkins ccc72e665e Merge "Update version for the next delivery" 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 268a0748d6 Use proper version of puppet-lint 2 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon ee84810bf4 Update version for the next delivery 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 632e77f237 Fix for proper plugin package generation 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon d9bf26ca7e Add missing fixed bug in doc 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon f46c9960c2 Add proper support for MOS 7.0 and MOS 8.0 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon bc67fcce7b Uniformize docs across supported versions and output formats 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon b876efd3dd Fix Cross-plugin display restrictions for Settings tab to open properly 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 8d9e030bfc Add tox environments to build the plugin and docs 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 277206f540 Configure tox environments 3 years ago
  Olivier Bourdon 7d22f3b812 Add support for MOS 7.0 and MOS 8.0 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 971939402a Update documentation for zabbix plugin 2.5.0 3 years ago
  Jenkins 501f46f5bd Merge "Support zabbix_plugin 2.5.0" 3 years ago
  Swann Croiset 4a4b3d5957 Support zabbix_plugin 2.5.0 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 4f6cfe948c Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Maciej Relewicz e6c59ada72 fix for 'Length limitation added for vip name in network roles' 3 years ago
  Piotr Misiak 51a57f90d9 fix images sizes and lines width in documentation 3 years ago
  Piotr Misiak a359d59809 update documentation 3 years ago
  Piotr Misiak cf38dcaf68 change compatible MOS versions and Zabbix plugin module path in tasks.yaml 3 years ago
  Piotr Misiak a0d0ed2b4e add LICENSE file 3 years ago
  Piotr Misiak faa85abf8f Add an additional host group and fix issue with snmptt restarting 3 years ago
  Jenkins 4e73ec9f29 Merge "add user guide documentation files" 4 years ago
  Piotr Misiak df65f0f787 add user guide documentation files 4 years ago
  Jenkins dea6b0e1f0 Merge "initial version of EMC hardware monitoring extension for Zabbix plugin" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 4beccd4566 Merge "add spec file" 4 years ago
  Piotr Misiak e64943ce2d add spec file 4 years ago
  Piotr Misiak f97c545a13 add README.md file 4 years ago
  Piotr Misiak c54ec723e7 initial version of EMC hardware monitoring extension for Zabbix plugin 4 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 8afc60dc8a Added .gitreview 4 years ago