19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Doug Hellmann ba72dbe9f6 change default base url to use opendev.org 3 days ago
  Lee Yarwood ee70347b02 Replace deprecated parser.readfp call with parser.read_file 1 week ago
  Andreas Jaeger 47b5d06b81 Fix version reporting 3 years ago
  rossella 966789d2aa Fix template folder for Debian based distros 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 14f7705d0c Find templates if package is installed 3 years ago
  Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) 15d0466e4c Keep py3.X compatibility for urllib 3 years ago
  Sean Dague 2070f37de4 flip escape order 3 years ago
  Doug Hellmann ca33694ecb fix default template directory 3 years ago
  Angus Salkeld 3bd7dcc189 Automatically generate a dash based on "In Progress" bugs 4 years ago
  Sean Dague e24e1e7c99 further fixes for firefox 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt b7f0471b3e Make syntax checks of dashboard files possible 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt b7cc43aaf4 Add support for templates 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt 73b781922c Add support for multiple files 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt 60a0a5fe8a Handle configparser exceptions 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt 63cee294ab Improve gerrit_dash_creator.cmd.creator 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt b2b77d6cd1 Add support for Tox 4 years ago
  Christian Berendt 9cfb18f1e6 Transform into a Python module 4 years ago