Tool for creating custom gerrit dashboard urls to make prioritizing reviews easier. Includes many example dashboards for OpenStack projects.
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Gerrit Dashboard Creator

Creates custom URLs for Gerrit dashboards

The Problem

The Gerrit code review system is great, until it gets completely out of control with too much content in it. When you are staring at a single list of 400 reviews, it's completely overwhelming.

Sisyphus never had it so good.

The Solution

I've found that slicing up the giant review task into a set of smaller buckets that you can see actually get smaller as you go through them becomes a far more motivating way of looking at reviews.

As of Gerrit 2.6 there is support for building custom dashboards, both on the server side, and on the client side (as a URL). These are really powerful.

The server side definition for these dashboards is pretty easy to understand, however you need really extreme levels of permissions to create these dashboards. The client side definition is a single URL which is hard to manipulate inline.

This tool takes the server side definition, creates the client side encoding of it, and spits that URL out on the command line. You can then load it in your browser and off you go.


It's super easy, just check out the code, and pass 1 argument, which is the dashboard file you want the URL for:

$ ./gerrit-dash-creator dashboards/devstack.dash

Then put the URL in your browser and off you go.

The latest dashboards are available at

Contributions Welcomed

If you have a dashboard definition that your OpenStack team finds useful, please submit a change request via git-review. The list of current outstanding changes can be seen at:,n,z

I'm very happy to include additional interesting examples that teams find useful, and make it possible for teams to explore other approaches to reviewing code.

If you have questions please find me on #openstack-dev, #openstack-infra, or #openstack-qa on FreeNode to discuss.