Clone multiple OpenStack repos as a group
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git-repo-manifests is a collection of manifest files that are used with Google's git-repo program

Installing the repo script

Instructions for installing the repo script are at:

In the section 'Installing Repo'

Configure gitconfig

In your ~/.gitconfig you need to add a section like this. Please make sure to put your actual Gerrit ID where it says YOUR_GERRIT_ID_HERE:

[review ""]
    username = YOUR_GERRIT_ID_HERE

Sample usage

$ mkdir ironic-repo
$ cd ironic-repo
$ repo init -u -m ironic
$ repo sync --no-clone-bundle
$ cd ironic
$ repo start testing ironic
$ touch ironic/tests/TESTING
$ git add ironic/tests/TESTING
$ git commit -m 'Testing'
$ repo upload ironic