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  Jenkins a09c45c4e9 Merge "Add stephane to HP." 4 years ago
  Jenkins fb96cbede9 Merge "Tidy the do-it script to conform to bash8" 4 years ago
  stephane a797c847ed Add stephane to HP. 4 years ago
  Dan Stangel ad78162829 Tidy the do-it script to conform to bash8 4 years ago
  Dan Stangel 9ae04f50b2 Add automated CI emails to be skipped in metrics 4 years ago
  Julia Kreger adcfbdda8d Add Julia Kreger 4 years ago
  James E. Blair 330dc8a30f Change affiliation for jeblair 4 years ago
  Dan Stangel eefc802fc8 Update gitdm to use gerrit 2.8 workflow names 4 years ago
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  Jonathan Harker f58b8368c5 Add Jonathan Harker 5 years ago
  patrick-crews 7e071d1ecb Adding pcrews email to hp group 4 years ago
  Jenkins bec13b0de2 Merge "Update mtreinish's employment history" 5 years ago
  Steve Kowalik f7f987ecd8 Add StevenK to the HP group list 5 years ago
  Matthew Treinish b3b1250c98 Update mtreinish's employment history 5 years ago
  Sean Dague d6bf5698c9 adjusting affiliation 5 years ago
  Jenkins ff56e041d4 Merge "Add alias email for james.polley@hp.com" 5 years ago
  Jenkins ca7add2ce5 Merge "Add myself to the email and launchpad maps" 5 years ago
  James Polley be493bf654 Add alias email for james.polley@hp.com 5 years ago
  Jenkins 993e09371d Merge "Add header to output files and allow date ranges" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 464221a4c4 Merge "Add Forrest Carpenter to launchpad/email" 5 years ago
  Jenkins ab52020335 Merge "Added Lyssa Livingston to email" 5 years ago
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  Jenkins 8ca21b8240 Merge "Terry Howe added to other files" 5 years ago
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  Shane Wang 5e2a695199 Fix misspellings in gitdm 5 years ago
  Jenkins 4b0d6db1b0 Merge "Adding Matt Farina." 5 years ago
  Matt Farina 4921355557 Adding Matt Farina. 5 years ago
  Jenkins 05e0ce0c07 Merge "update personal profile" 5 years ago
  DennyZhang f92371a5d4 update personal profile 5 years ago
  Dan Stangel e3252c037f Add header to output files and allow date ranges 5 years ago
  Gregory Haynes 87c9a9e333 Add Gregory Haynes to HP 5 years ago
  Sean Dague 93a0dc2da3 change my affiliation to Samsung 5 years ago
  Dan Stangel cf37bde44d Fix broken email mapping and add missing domains 5 years ago
  Jenkins 43c2f29cb2 Merge "add email terrylhowe" 5 years ago
  Jenkins fd79226f60 Merge "update dansmith employment history" 5 years ago
  Sean Dague 636b1ba10a update dansmith employment history 5 years ago