Artifact Repository (Glare) Specifications
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Glare Spec Lite

Please keep this template section in place and add your own copy of it between the markers. Please fill only one Spec Lite per commit.

<Title of your Spec Lite>


<What is the driver to make the change.>


<High level description what needs to get done. For example: "We need to add client function X.Y.Z to interact with new server functionality Z".>


<All possible *Impact flags (same as in commit messages) or 'None'.>

Optionals (remove this line and fill or remove the rest until End of Template):


<More technical details than the high level overview of solution if needed.>


<Any alternative approaches that might be worth of bringing to discussion.>


<Estimation of the time needed to complete the work.>


<Link to the change in gerrit that already would provide the solution. After commiting the Spec Lite depend the change to the Spec Lite commit.>


<If reviewers has been agreed for the functionality, list them here.>


<If known, list who is going to work on the feature implementation here>

End of Template

Add your Spec Lite before this line