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  Davanum Srinivas ce3bd97613 Sanitize the package names 2 years ago
  Dean Troyer d38d3def62 Clean up source with go fmt 2 years ago
  wujian 301e6d4cb8 Authorization failed with project id 2 years ago
  Fangzhou Xu 784256a823 fix AccessToken struct -> User json Unmarshal 2 years ago
  Dean Troyer c803f9803f Use Session for auth 3 years ago
  Dean Troyer 753c52bf33 Separate service catalog to prepare for v3 3 years ago
  Dean Troyer 4141ca3ed3 Actually encode JSON in RequestJSON90 3 years ago
  Dean Troyer e7fceb0b4d Add Session.RequestJSON(), Session.GetJSON() and Session.PostJSON() 3 years ago
  arkxu 657e32bbd4 add keystone middleware for token validation 3 years ago
  arkxu 16ac1f84b2 failure fast if not 200 when authenticating 3 years ago
  arkxu 452642dade fix the session_test 3 years ago
  Fangzhou Xu 1bc5f497bb change from stackforge to openstack 3 years ago
  Dean Troyer 9de84b3c5d Add auth package 4 years ago
  Dean Troyer ef7386d2c4 Rename session package to openstack 4 years ago
  Dean Troyer a279956280 Add Session as base REST interface 4 years ago
  Dean Troyer 124ac5cc92 Docs revision for current status 4 years ago