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  OpenDev Sysadmins b9e720faf4 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 year ago
  Thomas Bachman 6134fb3ffc Dual-stack L3-Policy mapping 3 years ago
  Jenkins 449643f905 Merge "Grouping of PTGs based on Application Characteristics" 3 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 20ecc759fc L3-Policy mapping to Address Scope & Subnetpool 4 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 33ad8b1c55 Grouping of PTGs based on Application Characteristics 4 years ago
  sharat.sharma 6a51744761 Fixing the deprecated library function. 4 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam c5b562132e Fixed IP address as optional attributes for PT 4 years ago
  Hemanth Ravi 76648b3c4b Network Function Plugin Framework for GBP 5 years ago
  Jenkins 2ab76ffd72 Merge "Status attributes in the resource model" 4 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 48587b3dc5 Status attributes in the resource model 4 years ago
  Igor Duarte Cardoso cb4ca523a1 Initial support for Quality of Service 4 years ago
  Igor Duarte Cardoso 88fc019baa Prepare repo for Mitaka specs 4 years ago
  Jenkins 9c40961993 Merge "introduce PT cluster_id for HA policy targets" 4 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam 975bdf2b00 Allow control of default route injection 4 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro d8fcfe3c38 introduce PT cluster_id for HA policy targets 5 years ago
  Jenkins 0460baf43c Merge "introducint TScP and PROXY_GROUP extension" 5 years ago
  Jenkins 9edfda99c9 Merge "define get plumbing info terminology" 5 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley f3a5ea8d7d Update .gitreview for new namespace 5 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro adbbd0e2e3 introducint TScP and PROXY_GROUP extension 5 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro 0717ddccb7 define get plumbing info terminology 5 years ago
  Jenkins 7927bf423f Merge "servicechain refactor update" 5 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro d51e03795a servicechain refactor update 5 years ago
  Jenkins bbfdec7eb7 Merge "GBP Floating IP Support for Policy Target(s)" 5 years ago
  Magesh GV 3d8d40b63b GBP Floating IP Support for Policy Target(s) 5 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam cf66714333 Service Chain Driver refactoring 5 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro e24fb015a6 share servicechain objects 5 years ago
  Igor Duarte Cardoso de694f7164 tox doesn't fail anymore at the py27 environment 5 years ago
  Yapeng Wu 5a66a2b400 Refactor GBP with the Neutron RESTful APIs 5 years ago
  Jenkins 5c3b58e3bc Merge "Adding kilo branch" 5 years ago
  Yapeng Wu a2de330415 Adding kilo branch 6 years ago
  Jenkins 1627c9a3c3 Merge "Represent External Connectivity in GBP" 5 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 6f3bc897d3 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 5 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro 6c391e5723 Represent External Connectivity in GBP 6 years ago
  Jenkins 4d96f6c967 Merge "Introduce globally shared resources" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 03979ce0bf Merge "Group-based Policy policy driver for OpenDaylight Controller Implements: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/group-based-policy/+spec/gbp-odl-driver" 6 years ago
  Stephen Wong 96ce9a4cc2 Group-based Policy policy driver for OpenDaylight Controller 6 years ago
  Jenkins 4c6f215d88 Merge "Specification for GBP driver for Nuage networks" 6 years ago
  Ivar Lazzaro 0e8b49d6a6 Introduce globally shared resources 6 years ago
  ronak 7d7a4b5237 Specification for GBP driver for Nuage networks 6 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam ea8adf50f1 EP, EPG, and Contract renaming and other cleanup 6 years ago
  Jenkins 7b9c5e2c3b Merge "Extension driver specification" 6 years ago
  Jenkins d156a0d967 Merge "GBP plugin driver for One Convergence NVSD controller" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 864d83ab5b Merge "Service Chain driver for NVSD Controller" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 837f812439 Merge "Add ServicePolicy and update PolicyLabels" 6 years ago
  Jenkins ce3f3d3c0f Merge "APIC Mapping driver for GBP" 6 years ago
  Sumit Naiksatam f7f63b7ba9 Add ServicePolicy and update PolicyLabels 6 years ago
  Hemanth Ravi 15e6e4296d Modified parameter name to service_params 6 years ago
  Hemanth Ravi 2b6f5d1add Service Chain driver for NVSD Controller 6 years ago
  Hemanth Ravi f0cf422228 GBP plugin driver for One Convergence NVSD controller 6 years ago
  Hemanth Ravi 1684bed345 Heat resources for group based policy API 6 years ago