32 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Changbin Liu 8233e63e95 Add procedures/scripts as starting point of multi-DC deployment 4 years ago
  Changbin Liu cf46b6f9fc Add a script to install libvirt and enable KVM/Qemu VM live migration 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 52c88b4844 Upgrade scripts to install Open vSwtich 2.0.0 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 02b6284ec2 Rename "LOGGER" to "LOG" 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 3e45d40d64 Add --force-yes to install_chefserver.sh and make all bin/*.sh 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 1f964175f7 Add OpenFlow/SDN support for VXLAN mesh-topology networks 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 8311e70e9d Add a CONF option for chefserver image id 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 3d62045d44 Use logging instead of print 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 371b0fa47d Fix switch kernel bug and multi-thread issue 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 307400e5c1 Change slightly to ssh-keyfile and TODOs 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 50adb56142 Add userdata done test 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu ecd34a783b Rename pre-installation scripts 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 46ca0f1efc Shorten sleep time of failsafe and cloud-init-nonet 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 181f2141d9 Fix /dev/sdb mount issue upon reboot 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu f8c20af9eb Add "|| true" to resolvconf remove 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu eefd613e66 Add pre-install scripts 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 0b5385ec3c Add pre-install chef packages script 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 327f22fcde Automatically partition /dev/vdb 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 128a78ff4c Update environment 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 6ba04f249b Rename git_chef_repo and git_chef_repo_branch 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 52f22cf7a5 Add new options to customize chef repo 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 80bc591057 Hostname and userdata 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 835c802a3a Bootstrap chef client with IP-based url 6 years ago
  Yun Mao bad481aed9 Use IP address instead of hostname for chef server url 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 86a7da16d3 * add txnal option: whether auto delete servers upon exception 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu be9ed42bcc Add Orchestrator class 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 7f1f2c0999 Add setup chef repo script 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 4aaf63f072 Name the client chefroot 6 years ago
  Yun Mao e7b23b9438 Add script to configure knife 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 9dbf777413 Use a tmp file instead of pipe to avoid human intervention 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 9162048e80 Remove extra spaces 6 years ago
  Yun Mao b70d85377f Add the script to install chef server 0.10 6 years ago