72 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Forrest ccd711ed9f Supply horizon-compatible Web UI 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest e505d194d3 Support use of token value in place of password. 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest bc6b710555 Provide simple RESTful API + WSGI Server 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 65806429f5 Fix flavor type bug in config opts 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 02b6284ec2 Rename "LOGGER" to "LOG" 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 7c8c4b9a65 Change arguments "image" and "flavor" from ID to name 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu e76ace1914 Add re-raise argument to start() and cleanup() 5 years ago
  Scott Daniels 9014b2388e Force tty (stdin) closed on ssh commands. 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu a5c4ac10f7 Remove restriction # of workers <= 5 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 1f964175f7 Add OpenFlow/SDN support for VXLAN mesh-topology networks 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 641c97e2a4 Add license to *.py files 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 7d4402323a Remove WebUI TODO 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 8311e70e9d Add a CONF option for chefserver image id 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 3d62045d44 Use logging instead of print 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 5d2bdcaccb Remove hardcoded '-' as concatenation char between prefix and name 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 915f55d14b Change chef-repo URL to AT&T's 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu cd094f4e8f Move FuncThread to utils.wrapper 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu d0f14b4b3b Cleanup oslo.config 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest 03ed5b7e9f Incoporate oslo.config facilities in Inception 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu c3b18879b8 Order module imports by alphabetical sequence 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 3bcaa1cae4 Mark TODOs and modify some comments 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 14668f93e2 Change configs (image id, flavor, pool) for agave cluster 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 371b0fa47d Fix switch kernel bug and multi-thread issue 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 0276765738 Add floating ip pool option 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 307400e5c1 Change slightly to ssh-keyfile and TODOs 5 years ago
  Yun Mao 72d5811bb9 Allow extra ssh public key injection 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 50adb56142 Add userdata done test 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 85fed94b85 Fix multple-retry bug 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu daaa33c275 Change image (u1204-130531-gv) id for IAD1 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 63efc18875 Revert image snapshot 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu ed4e34d2f3 Fix multi-thread issues 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu ede087ff4b Change default snapshot and flavor for DFW2 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu f5898c9177 Fix that chefserver scripts are hardcoded twice 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 0b5385ec3c Add pre-install chef packages script 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu b1c6f70719 Increase timeout 5 years ago
  Yun Mao 3854ac006d Provision controller and workers 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 2a9b402691 Run an empty list of chef-client 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 9dab6cc172 Refactor code 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu deaf72210d Add multithread support for parallelizable ssh 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 4b00c061e5 Make add run_list a separate function 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 12aa04b46d Consolidate code of two functions 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu c31abdecc1 Change some print Info 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 62d3598e6a Add cleanup for orchestrator 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 6ba04f249b Rename git_chef_repo and git_chef_repo_branch 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 603d1d3b6f typo fix 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 4f80e53970 VXLAN and DNS deployment 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 0b793d8f82 Print more useful information after provisioning 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 52f22cf7a5 Add new options to customize chef repo 6 years ago
  Yun Mao 3da474f31b Make chef server setup explicit 6 years ago
  Changbin Liu 80bc591057 Hostname and userdata 6 years ago