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  Changbin Liu 8233e63e95 Add procedures/scripts as starting point of multi-DC deployment 4 years ago
  Andrew Forrest ccd711ed9f Supply horizon-compatible Web UI 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest 45d73ca7b6 Include scripts in package: chef + orchestrator 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu ecc2a44429 Break multiple imports to multiple lines 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest f00b99bb70 Remove fallback to distutils 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest 911969985f Adds inception.utils to inception package. 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 641c97e2a4 Add license to *.py files 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu d0f14b4b3b Cleanup oslo.config 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest 03ed5b7e9f Incoporate oslo.config facilities in Inception 5 years ago
  Andrew Forrest 53e6f000dc Add 'install_requires=' parameter to setup.py. 5 years ago
  Changbin Liu 0c78c99bc1 add meta project Info 6 years ago