intel nfv ci testcase repo.
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A Tempest plugin providing integration tests for NFV features.

This plugin is run as part of the Intel NFV third-party CI.


The tests validate the following features:

  • NUMA topologies
  • CPU pinning
  • Hugepages


The features tested are all dependent on underlying hardware support. As such, the following platform features are required:

  • Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) technology, e.g. Hyper-threading, must be available and enabled
  • A NUMA topology is required. This will generally mean a dual-socket board or a CPU with Cluster-on-Die technology
  • Hugepages must be supported


The plugin should be installed like any other package. Once installed, it will be detected on subsequent runs of Temptest and enabled by default.

At the command line, run:

$ pip install intel-nfv-ci-tests

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed, run:

$ mkvirtualenv intel-nfv-ci-tests
$ pip install intel-nfv-ci-tests

If you want to hack on the tests themselves, install them in editable mode (setuptools develop mode):

$ pip install -e

Be aware that this package will not be available if running Tempest in a different virtualenv, e.g. via a Tox target.


All test commands should be run from the Tempest install directory, e.g. /opt/stack/tempest.

To list all Intel NFV CI tempest cases, run:

$ stestr list intel_nfv_ci_tests

To run only these tests, run:

$ stestr run intel_nfv_ci_tests

Or via tox:

$ tox -e all-plugin intel_nfv_ci_tests

To run a single test case, run with test case name:

$ stestr run intel_nfv_ci_tests.tests.scenario.test_hugepages.TestHugepages