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  OpenDev Sysadmins e7bfe807b1 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 day ago
  Jenkins ff60fd2132 Merge "NFV workload" 1 year ago
  yaohelan bdf7d9355a NFV workload 1 year ago
  Mark T. Voelker 36900e12cd Fix floating IP logic in destroy 1 year ago
  Tong Li f455064066 Added cockroachdb cluster setup across multiple clouds 2 years ago
  Jenkins 7ff610459e Merge "Revert "NFV workload"" 1 year ago
  Jenkins 1c44b02a5b Merge "Rescan disk bus before using volume" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2cccab69ec Merge "Fix URL for installing OpenStack Shade" 2 years ago
  Daniel Mellado 2605a7de60 Revert "NFV workload" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 60dda3498f Merge "NFV workload" 2 years ago
  yaohelan 436d97c672 NFV workload 2 years ago
  Mark T. Voelker 1cc921cef4 Rescan disk bus before using volume 2 years ago
  yaohelan c58a9ae41c Improved the doc by following latest comments 2 years ago
  Jenkins f3eccb7fcc Merge "Add k8s tox environment" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2402b89a04 Merge "Trivial typo fix in playbook" 2 years ago
  Tong Li f8bc95c532 Making pre-allocation floating IP working for the workload 2 years ago
  Tong Li 77439ae873 Added command to wait for cloud-init to be done 2 years ago
  Victoria Martinez de la Cruz 4178a1cddf Add k8s tox environment 2 years ago
  Daniel Mellado c78191609a Trivial typo fix in playbook 2 years ago
  Tong Li a58bab3adf Rework the lampstack workload to enable provision parallel 2 years ago
  Mohammed Naser 6439632f63
Fix URL for installing OpenStack Shade 2 years ago
  Tong Li 791fbe78d1 Correct few doc problems and the description of security group 2 years ago
  Jenkins a25de91b6e Merge "Kubernetes workload" 2 years ago
  Tong Li 2c89e57bc5 Kubernetes workload 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3e4d4e892d Merge "Fixed a typo in the readme" 2 years ago
  Kurt Taylor 62362e6f95 Fixed a typo in the readme 2 years ago
  Jenkins 02900269b2 Merge "Fix format 'of docker client install' in dockerswarm's README.md " 2 years ago
  Jenkins cdc47de271 Merge "Fix some issues when executing workload 'dockerswarm'." 2 years ago
  Daniel Mellado d8237529d9 Add lampstack tox environment 2 years ago
  KongWei dc98b9004d Fix format 'of docker client install' in dockerswarm's README.md 2 years ago
  ericxiett ed8c406fe3 Fix some issues when executing workload 'dockerswarm'. 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0db0e2b3f3 Merge "NFV workload to test OpenStack interoperability" 2 years ago
  yaohelan 561e7ed68b NFV workload to test OpenStack interoperability 2 years ago
  Jenkins 634e7a72f9 Merge "Add wordpress root access flag" 2 years ago
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  Daniel Mellado fa360ae63c Add specs to documentation 2 years ago
  Jenkins 88360008f0 Merge "Add Overview Section For lessonslearnt document" 2 years ago
  zhipengh e1fd115b59 Add Overview Section For lessonslearnt document 2 years ago
  Lukas Kubin 87552b91be Change lookup method to correctly load Jinja2 templates. 2 years ago
  Quan Tian b642525efe Fix typo in lampstack README 2 years ago
  Tong Li d09502f4f8 Fix the following issues 2 years ago
  Tong Li bdaa492657 Added lessons learnt document 2 years ago
  Tong Li 4e8f7cb7e2 missed files in vars directory in lampstack 2 years ago
  Tong Li c2d9031536 move both ansible and terraform existing workloads to this repository 2 years ago
  Tong Li 40a1cc422b Interop-workloads new repository seeding 2 years ago
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