Lightning-rod is the IoT node-side agent for the IoTronic service.
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Nicola Peditto 562147263e Release v0.4.6: 2 months ago
device_bkp_rest Release v0.4.6: - Lightning-rod Web interface: - Registration improved - Configuration management added - Factory reset and restore added - Iotronic login: added information provided by LR to Iotronic (version and MAC) - NGINX redirects updated - WSTUN: <defunct> processes cleaning added 2 months ago
lr_configure Release v0.4.3: * Service Manager refactored: - WSTUN server check added - backup management for services.json file * Docker installation procedures updated 4 months ago
lr_install Release v0.4.2: - WAMP alive RPC refactored - WSTUN tunnels monitoring: added recovery procedure - NGINX proxy updated - Iotronic oslo conf refactored - Pyinotify requirement added (fixed) 4 months ago