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Carmelo Romeo b0324c020b Added new fields in tables and restyled services strings
Change-Id: I668538c1b0d45d0cabd85f0a7042d6143222bb1c
4 years ago
Carmelo Romeo 748db492e9 Introduced management of webservices and added the corresponding menu items in the board panel, moved fleet panel, updated the api and fixed a path in README.rst
Change-Id: Ia99967e57fa88053692237709161cafc1fcdc2c2
5 years ago
Carmelo Romeo b660cbfb5e Fixed some minor bugs and improved change fleet management for boards
Change-Id: Iec9848fb2a1cbb951591a6dad420543d9e7b6a8c
5 years ago
Carmelo Romeo 3c7c817ea1 Added fleet management
Change-Id: I414fdbb331e2617f67bdae88f8daaa2915dc8926
5 years ago
Carmelo Romeo d8547deb54 Code cleaned after Vancouver Demo
Change-Id: I9746ec6bec06f8edf2e1b01a320ca3bfab780980
5 years ago
Carmelo Romeo 081b93987b Added service panel and management
Change-Id: Ibb89e33ff30be300eb32dd7f5e4ab72fb53d6022
5 years ago
Carmelo Romeo 751057898e start
Change-Id: I5c224a7d6de3858ea6046c1b6d7a17c3eaf2380b
5 years ago